Cancer Biology T32 Training Grant

The Cancer Biology Training Grant CA009213 provides stipend support for both pre-and post-doctoral trainees. It is also the responsibility of the program to assure that the pre-and post-doctoral trainees in the program receive research training in the highest quality and most productive research laboratories.

Applications are being accepted for postdoctoral trainees on the NCI T32CA009213 Cancer Biology Training Grant. This grant has been supported by the NIH/NCI since 1978.

Cancer biology is the comparative study of normal versus cancerous cells and tissue. The discipline includes the study of normal and tumor cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry, cancer causation and biological rationale for cancer prevention and treatment. Our trainees have the opportunity to work with mentors whose research emphasizes the translation of basic science findings in cancer biology into the clinic. This translational research emphasizes cancer detection and prognosis, chemoprevention of cancer and cancer treatment. The Cancer Biology Training Grant utilizes the strengths of research faculty and mentors with backgrounds in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, pharmacology, genetics and immunology who direct their efforts toward the understanding of human cancer induction, prevention and treatment. Specific research projects focus on fundamental processes involved in the regulation of cell proliferation and differentiation, the regulation of gene expression, mechanisms of chemical and physical carcinogenesis, biological rationale for radiation, chemotherapeutic drug development, immunotherapy and gene therapy of cancer and mechanism-based discovery of chemoprevention agents.

Please contact Anne Cione, Program Coordinator, or Jesse Martinez, PhD, PI,, for information regarding faculty participating in this program. To be considered for a position on this training grant, a faculty mentor will be identified and a research plan will be developed in conjunction with the mentor. Faculty profiles can be viewed here.

Appointments to this training grant are restricted to U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have completed doctoral-level training (e.g. PhD, PharmD, MD, DrPH or equivalent). Evidence of scholarly productivity in the form of publications or planned publications is highly desirable. Financial support is mandated by the NIH and is based on years of postdoctoral experience. Health insurance and support for travel and research supplies is provided.