Current Student Profiles

Paul Akhenblit, BS, Biochemistry, Arizona State University
Research: TBD
Advisor: Marty Pagel, PhD

Darya Alizadeh, MS Molecular Biology, Cal State Fullerton
Research: Cancer chemoimmunotherapy
Advisors: Emmanuel Katsanis, MD, and Nicolas Larmonier, PhD

Corbie Ball, BS Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona
Research: Smad3 and Colon Cancer
Advisor: Thomas Doetschman, PhD
Alex Martinez Chibly, BS Chemistry, Universidad Autonoma de Cuidada Juarez
Research: TBD
Advisor: Kirsten Limesand, PhD
Lipsa Das, MS, Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technoloy Kharagpur
Research: Studying laminin receptor endocytosis in tumor cell migration
Advisor: Anne Cress, PhD
Nadia Hassounah, BS Zoology, North Carolina State University
Research: Primary cilia in prostate cancer progression
Advisor: Kimberly McDermott, PhD

Aaron Havas, BS, Veterinary Science, University of Arizona
Research: TBD
Advisor: Cathy Smith, PhD

Sabrina Maisel, BA, Biological Sciences, Wellesley College
Research: TBD
Advisor: Joyce Schroeder, PhD

Bethany Remeniuk, BS Biology, York College of Pennsylvania
Research focus: Cancer and bone pain
Research Advisor: Frank Porreca, PhD
Crystal Rhee, BA Psychology, BS Biology, New Mexico State University
Research: TBD
Advisor: Patricia Thompson, PhD

Brenna Rheinheimer, BS Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona
Research focus: The Slit-Robo axis on pancreatic cancer
Research Advisor: Ron Heimark, PhD
Elisa Montserrat Rojo de la Vega, BS National Autonomous University of Mexico; MS, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncologicas
Research: TBD
Advisor: Donna Zhang, PhD

Cynthia Sandoval, BS, Physiology, University of Arizona
Research focus: Determining the role of alpha6 Integrin in collective cell migration via tubulogenesis
Research Advisor: Anne Cress, PhD

Caleb Sutherland, BS Biology, Boise State University
Research focus: Investigation into the role of DNA secondary structures, g-quadruplex and i-motif, in transcriptional control of bcl-2
Research Advisor: Laurence Hurley, PhD

Nathan Sweeney, BS, Psychology, University of Utah
Research: TBD
Advisor: Patricia Thompson, PhD

Jesse Trujillo, BS Microbiology, Northern Arizona Unversity
Research Focus: Bile acid induced colon cancer
Research Advisor: Jesse Martinez, PhD
Adam Watson, BS, Microbiology, University of Victoria
Research: TBD
Advisor: Sourav Ghosh, PhD