C-Bio program graduates six doctoral students

The University of Arizona’s Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program graduates six doctoral students this academic year, bringing to 75 the total number of graduates since the program’s inception in 1988. The program is sponsored by the University of Arizona Cancer Center.

Members of the class of 2012-2013, their undergraduate/graduate degrees and institution, their research focus, advisors and future plans are:

Fortin.jpgShannon Fortin Ensign, BS in Biochemistry, Arizona State University.
Dissertation research: The TWEAK-Fn14 ligand receptor axis promotes glioblastoma invasion and survival via activation of multiple GEF-Rho GTPase signaling systems.
Research Advisors: Nhan Tran, PhD, and Suwon Kim, PhD. Dr. Tran is a 2002 CBIO GIDP graduate. Shannon will return to the UA College of Medicine – Phoenix to complete her medical degree.

Hanke.JPGNeal Hanke, BS in Biology, University of Arizona.
Dissertation research: Molecular Regulation of the Tumor Killing Activity of Dendritic Cells.
Research Advisor: Emmanuel Katsanis, MD, and Nicolas Larmonier, PhD.
Neal is working as a postdoctoral fellow at the UACC.

kristy lee.JPGKristy Lee, BS, Biology, University of Utah.
Dissertation research: Targeting Copper: A Therapeutic Strategy in Lymphoma.
Research Advisors: Margaret Briehl, PhD, and Margaret Tome, PhD. Kristy has accepted a postdoctoral opportunity at University of Utah.

Benjamin Onyeagucha.jpgBenjamin Onyeagucha, BS in Biochemistry; MS in Cell and Molecular Biology, San Francisco State University.
Dissertation research: The contribution of inflammatory pathway signaling and microRNA changes to colon cancer development.
Research Advisor: Mark Nelson, PhD.

Edwin Paz.jpgEdwin Paz, BS in Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics, University of California, Los Angeles
Dissertation research: Molecular Mechanisms of polyamine metabolism on oncogenic signaling.
Research Advisors: Eugene Gerner, PhD, and Patricia Thompson, PhD.

Hsin-Yuan "Stevensteven su.JPG" Su, MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, National Taiwan University
Dissertation research: Therapeutic Potential of EGFR-derived Peptides in Breast Cancer
Research Advisor: Joyce Schroeder, PhD.

Dr Schroeder graduated five PhD students this semester, including Steven, three students in Genetics and one in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

-May 10, 2013