Cancer Center members appointed to AHSC Advisory Councils

Forty-five UA Cancer Center members have been selected to serve on four newly created Arizona Health Sciences Center Advisory Councils, formed by Senior VP for Health Sciences Dr. Joe G. N. “Skip” Garcia.

"I'm very optimistic and enthusiastic about our future at the University of Arizona," Dr. Garcia said at a Town Hall held Tuesday, Dec. 17 at DuVal Auditorium. "Our faculty is the most precious resource we have here. It's up to us to keep our very best faculty here and put them in the best positions to succeed."

The Advisory Councils are in four “areas of excellence” at the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center. Dr. Garcia formed the groups to advance AHSC’s strategic positions in these research domains. The mission for the councils is to conduct a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) analysis for each research domain and create a white paper with action items to improve AHSC’s research/scholarly distinction and national reputation.

Joining UACC Interim Director Anne Cress,PhD, on the Health Disparities Advisory Council are: Terry Badger, PhD; Margaret Briehl, PhD; Scott Carvajal, PhD, MPH; Elizabeth Jacobs, PhD; Emmanuel Katsanis, MD; Ana Maria López, MD, MPH, FACP; Jesse Martinez, PhD; Mark Nichter, PhD, MPH; and Nicky Teufel-Shone, PhD.

UACC members on the Precision Health Advisory Council include: Michael Hammer, PhD, serving as co-chair; and David Alberts, MD; Lee Cranmer, MD, PhD; Bernie Futscher, PhD; Laurence Hurley, PhD; Christina Laukaitis, MD, PhD, FACP; Janko Nikolich-Zugich, MD, PhD; Lisa Rimsza, MD; Jonathan Schatz, MD; Alison Stopeck, MD; Georg Wondrak, PhD; and Ted Weinert, PhD.

Joining the Population Health and Health Outcomes Advisory Council from UACC are: Imam Hakim, MD, PhD, and Tammie Bassford, MD, serving as co-chairs; and Jeff Burgess, MD, PhD; Lynn Gerald, PhD, MSPH; Judith Gordon, PhD; Stefano Guerra, MD; Robin Harris, PhD, MPH; Robert Krouse, MD, MS, FACS; M. Peter Lance, MD, FRCP; Serine Lau, PhD; Terry Matsunaga, PharmD, PhD; Patricia Thompson-Carino, PhD; Cynthia Thomson, PhD; Karen Weihs, MD; Ronald Weinstein, MD.

On the Neuroscience Advisory Council from UACC are: Zhao Chen, PhD, MPH; Thomas Davis, PhD; Sourav Ghosh, PhD; Victor Hruby, PhD; Anita Koshy, MD; Diego Martin, MD, PhD, FRCPC; Frank Porreca, PhD; Todd Vanderah, PhD.

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- Dec. 18, 2013