Breakthroughs: Translational Research
November 12, 2013

While Thomas Grogan, MD, was in the process of redefining tissue analysis, he teamed up with a clinical oncologist in Thomas Miller, MD, to see how they could effectively turn their lymphoma-based research into life-saving therapies.

UA nursing team evaluating telephone-delivered counseling for Latinas with breast cancer
November 6, 2013

UA Cancer Center member Terry A. Badger, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN, is leading a research study to evaluate the impact of low cost telephone-delivered counseling on quality of life for Latinas with breast cancer.

Breakthroughs: Personalized Cancer Care
November 5, 2013

Early in the 21st century, the National Cancer Institute hoped to establish personalized, individually tailored treatment as the standard of care for all cancer patients. With the human genome successfully sequenced in 2003, researchers were given the key that would go toward identifying an individual’s susceptibility for specific forms of cancer, along with the treatment options that would give each patient the best chance of success.

UACC researchers focus on maternal epigenetic and nutrition links to breast cancer
October 29, 2013

University of Arizona Cancer Center member Donato Romagnolo, PhD, MSc, is leading a study that suggests that external environmental and dietary factors in pregnant women may have an impact on future breast cancer risk for the offspring.

The 'Wild West' of cancer research
October 28, 2013

While successful cancer research requires an analytical, detail-oriented mind, the truly transcendent work in the field comes as a result of an adventurous spirit and a flair for the dramatic.

Cancer researchers awarded grant to further breast cancer drug
October 25, 2013

Joyce Schroeder, PhD, and Todd D. Camenisch, PhD, were recently awarded a grant from the National Cancer Institute to further develop a drug to treat metastatic breast cancer.

In the beginning
October 23, 2013

The University of Arizona Cancer Center didn’t become one of the nation’s premier cancer research and treatment facilities overnight. It took years of planning and forethought to lay the foundation for what this institution would eventually become.

Tomas Nuño named 2013 Hispanic Health Services Research Scholar
August 20, 2013

Postdoctoral research associate Tomas Nuño is one of 10 named to the Hispanic Health Services Research Scholar program.

Listen to Anne Cress, PhD, on the Buckmaster Show
August 7, 2013

Listen to University of Arizona Cancer Center Interim Director Anne Cress’ interview with local journalist and talk show host Bill Buckmaster. Dr. Cress’ segment starts at the 2-minute mark.

Early lung cancer screenings recommended
July 29, 2013

People who are at high risk for lung cancer should receive annual low-dose CT scans to help prevent cancer-related death.