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The University of Arizona Cancer Center mission is to prevent and cure cancer. Better Than Ever encompasses that mission by working to prevent cancer through exercise as well as providing vital funds to be used for cancer research.

All proceeds go to the University of Arizona Cancer Center and are distributed annually in the form of research grants focusing primarily on a clinical trial for women's cancers, and laboratory studies correlative to clinical trials focusing on other cancer types.

The 13-year grant distribution total is more than $1.8 million.

Studies funded by Better Than Ever include:

  • Targeted laser ablation of ovarian cancer
  • Prevention of frailty in breast cancer survivors
  • Effect of pregnancy history on the presence of breast tumor initiating cells
  • Breast density measurements: comparison of radiographic and quantitative MR imaging
  • Natural killer cell receptor immunogentic variability and susceptibility to persistent HPV infection
  • Efficacy of amifostine in preventing and minimizing limb swelling and promoting wound healing to study cancer-treatment related lymphedema: a pilot preclinical trial

Donate to BTE Today!