Breast Imaging

Kim Fitzpatrick, MD, and Marisa Borders, MDIt is an unsettling statistic: one in every eight women will develop breast cancer as some point in her life. Because a woman’s best defense against breast cancer is early detection, it is our mission to combine state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of our breast imaging doctors to discover breast cancer when it is still small and more easily treated.

To make an appointment with our Breast Imaging Center, call (520) 874-MAMM (874-6266) or 874-6300.

Screening Mammography

A screening mammogram can detect breast cancer at its earliest stage. Digital mammography is utilized for all mammograms performed at our center. Every year we perform thousands of digital screening mammograms, including the use of computer-aided detection (CAD) to highlight possible problem areas.

Patient comfort is extremely important at the Breast Imaging Center, which is why we are proudly certified as a Softer Mammogram Provider. For each mammogram performed, we use a specially designed foam cushion called the MammoPad to provide a warmer and more comfortable mammogram for our patients.

Diagnostic Imaging

When additional imaging is necessary, our center offers specialized mammogram views and state-of-the-art breast ultrasound. These diagnostic examinations are overseen by our breast imaging experts, who are available to discuss results and any further recommendations with patients at the time of their appointment.

We work closely with our nearby affiliate outpatient imaging center, University of Arizona Breast Imaging Center, to facilitate the scheduling of a breast MRI when indicated, and all breast MRIs are interpreted by the breast imaging experts at our center.


When needed, a core needle breast biopsy can be performed at our center with either mammography or ultrasound guidance. Breast biopsy can also be performed using MRI guidance at our affiliate site, University of Arizona Breast Imaging Center.

Our doctors are highly trained and experienced in breast biopsy, as well as other specialized procedures such as cyst aspiration, ductography, skin punch biopsy and image-guided wire localization of areas that need to be surgically removed. This means that procedures are performed skillfully and accurately, providing the most reliable results and best outcomes.

In addition, the UA Breast Imaging Center is pleased to announce the availability of cryoablation for the minimally invasive treatment of breast fibroadenomas. Traditionally, open excisional biopsy (i.e. surgery) has been the only option. But now, a minimally invasive option is available that can be performed in the office under local anesthesia. Read more about the procedure here.

Team Approach

Because of our affiliation with The University of Arizona Medical Center, we are part of a unique and highly specialized team of doctors specifically focused on breast care. This enables us to provide the most advanced level of breast cancer care, from prevention and early detection through diagnosis and treatment.

Our doctors and staff work together to coordinate patient care for seamless transitions between providers, and we communicate continuously to maximize our collective expertise and achieve the highest quality care. Through ongoing clinical trials at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, we are also able to translate cutting-edge science into the most up-to-date treatments for our patients.

The Breast Imaging Center also offers DEXA scans for evaluation of bone mineral density. For convenience, these can be scheduled in conjunction with annual mammograms.

Breast Imaging

Kim Fitzpatrick, MD
Marisa Borders, MD