Meet the Team

Program Coordinator

Supportive Care for Healing Services
Shawn Mulligan, MS,BSN, RN, PMH-BC (520) 694-2873


Supportive and Survivorship Care

Leila Ali-Akbarian, MD-MPH


Mark Gilbert, MD
Karen Weihs, MD


University of Arizona College of Medicine is pleased to offer teaching supervision for the Psychiatry Residents and Psychology Externs at the University.  These clinicians are assigned to patients by our Medical Oncology Social Workers.  Please call (520-694-2873).

Pain and Palliative Care

Matthew Malone, DO


The University of Arizona Cancer Center — North Campus

Women's Cancer:

Brenda Casey, LCSW: (520) 694-0347

Bone Marrow Transplant

Judy Bush, LCSW: (520) 694-1885

Other Cancers:

Jill Winter, LMSW: (520) 694-0845

Lynn Barwick, LCSW: (520) 694-1855

Laura Hagerty, LCSW (520) 694-0805

The University of Arizona Cancer Center — Orange Grove

Linda Jones, MSW: (520) 694-8920

Radiation Oncology — University Campus

Marsha Drozdoff, MSW: (520) 694-4605

Rashida Hays, MSW: (520) 694-4652


Michelle Bratton, RD: (520) 694-1826

Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition

Lymphadema Therapist

Trudi Hoffman, PT, CLT
Certified Lymphatic Therapist
Appts: (520) 694-1940 Office: (520) 694-1898

American Cancer Center Navigator

Lisa Reynolds: (520) 694-0826