Andrew Rouse, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging
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(520) 626-5894

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Dr. Rouse is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Imaging and Co-Director of the Cancer Imaging Shared Resource.  Dr. Rouse's research interest are focused on biomedical applications of optics.  His current research involves the development and testing of a multi-spectral confocal microendoscope designed to examine cellular pathology during optical biopsy.  As Co-Director of the Cancer Imaging Shared Resource Dr Rouse provides support for various pre-clinical imaging systems including bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging and small animal micro CT.

Dr. Rouse has a long track record in the field of biomedical optics with a focus on small minimally invasive catheter based medical imaging system.  Through his early work at the University of Arizona he designed and tested a set of diffraction limited 3 mm diameter miniature lens assemblies that are used by our lab to this day.  As a member of the University of Arizona Cancer Center,  he helped develop the state-of-the-art 5 mm diameter confocal microlaparoscope that is currently undergoing a clinical validation study for the detection of ovarian cancer.  Dr. Rouse is currently leading a project to develop a new clinical confocal microgastroscope that will image patients with Barrett’s esophagus in an attempt to diagnose early stage cancer.  Along the way he has been involved in a wide variety of general imaging projects.

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Cancer Imaging
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Research Member
College of Medicine
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PhD in Optics - University of Arizona
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MS in Optics - University of Arizona
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BS in Optics - University of Rochester