David O Azorsa, PhD

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(602) 827-2078

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As a cancer molecular and cellular biologist, Dr. Azorsa has the training and experience to carry out the proposed research. He has a broad background in cancer biology, and expertise in functional genomic assays, functional analysis of therapeutic agents for personalized medicine, high throughput technologies and monoclonal antibody development.

Dr. Azorsa has been involved in many collaborative efforts that made important discoveries in cancer research and has implemented the use of novel technologies in this field.  As a postdoctoral fellow at the NHGRI, his research included biochemical characterization of cancer-associated genes and cancer genomics. 

Upon joining the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), he was involved in developing a platform for high throughput functional genomics using RNAi in cancer cell lines. He led the establishment of High Throughput-RNAi screening at TGen using large siRNA libraries as a platform for functional genomic studies and applied this platform to several projects including the identification of chemosensitizing targets for combinational therapeutic strategies.  They applied these functional genomic strategies to several cancer types with a focus on pediatric cancer including Ewing sarcoma and neuroblastoma.  They also performed RNAi screens on several cancer cell types to identify sensitizing targets to current therapeutic agents. 

Upon joining the Ronald A. Matricaria Institute of Molecular Medicine at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the University of Arizona College of Medicine, they have put in place the necessary infrastructure to perform functional genomics analysis and therapeutic drug screening as part of a personalized medicine approach.

As a member of the University of Arizona Cancer Center Dr. Azorsa has many new opportunities for collaborations in Tucson as well as Phoenix.  In summary, he has demonstrated a record of cooperative productivity and his experience and expertise have prepared him to perform and complete the research described in this proposal.

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Therapeutic Development
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INSERM U.311 in Strasbourg, France and the Cancer Genetics Branch of the National Human Genome Research Institute in Bethesda, MD
Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD