Elizabeth Connick, MD

Professor, Medicine
Division Chief, Infectious Diseases
Phone Number: 
(520) 626-6887

Research Information

Research Program: 
Cancer Biology
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Research Member
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Research Focus: 

Dr. Connick's research is focused on understanding the immunopathogenesis of HIV infection. She has been involved in clinical trials of a variety of immune therapies for HIV infection since 1994. She has also pursued laboratory-based investigations of HIV immunopathogenesis for the past 20 years particularly studies of acute HIV infection, virus tropism, immune reconstitution, cardiovascular disease, and HIV infection in women. 

Dr. Connick's specific expertise in studies of HIV pathogenesis in lymphoid tissues, where the majority of HIV replication and CD4+ T cell destruction occurs. She currently has R01 bridge funding to investigate the mechanisms underlying HIV’s evasion of cytotoxic T cell responses in lymphoid tissues, and is co-PI of a R01 investigating the impact of exercise on endothelial dysfunction in HIV-infected individuals.

Selected Publications: 
  1. Kohler, S. L., Pham, M. N., Folkvord, J. M., Arends, T., Miller, S. M., Miles, B., Meditz, A. L., McCarter, M., Levy, D. N., & Connick, E. (2016). Germinal Center T Follicular Helper Cells Are Highly Permissive to HIV-1 and Alter Their Phenotype during Virus Replication. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 196(6), 2711-22.
  2. Li, S., Folkvord, J. M., Rakasz, E. G., Abdelaal, H. M., Wagstaff, R. K., Kovacs, K. J., Kim, H. O., Sawahata, R., MaWhinney, S., Masopust, D., Connick, E., & Skinner, P. J. (2016). Simian Immunodeficiency Virus-Producing Cells in Follicles Are Partially Suppressed by CD8+ Cells In Vivo. Journal of virology, 90(24), 11168-11180.
  3. Miles, B., & Connick, E. (2016). TFH in HIV Latency and as Sources of Replication-Competent Virus. Trends in microbiology, 24(5), 338-44.
  4. Miles, B., Miller, S. M., Folkvord, J. M., Levy, D. N., Rakasz, E. G., Skinner, P. J., & Connick, E. (2016). Follicular Regulatory CD8 T Cells Impair the Germinal Center Response in SIV and Ex Vivo HIV Infection. PLoS pathogens, 12(10), e1005924.
  5. Miles, B., Miller, S., & Connick, E. (2016). CD4 T Follicular Helper and Regulatory Cell Dynamics and Function in HIV Infection. Frontiers in Immunology, https://doi.org/10.3389/fimmu.2016.00659. doi:https://doi.org/10.3389/fimmu.2016.00659
  6. Haas, M. K., Levy, D. N., Folkvord, J. M., & Connick, E. (2015). Distinct patterns of Bcl-2 expression occur in R5- and X4-tropic HIV-1-producing lymphoid tissue cells infected ex vivo. AIDS research and human retroviruses, 31(3), 298-304.
  7. Miles, B., Miller, S. M., Folkvord, J. M., Kimball, A., Chamanian, M., Meditz, A. L., Arends, T., McCarter, M. D., Levy, D. N., Rakasz, E. G., Skinner, P. J., & Connick, E. (2015). Follicular regulatory T cells impair follicular T helper cells in HIV and SIV infection. Nature communications, 6, 8608.
  8. Connick, E., Folkvord, J. M., Lind, K. T., Rakasz, E. G., Miles, B., Wilson, N. A., Santiago, M. L., Schmitt, K., Stephens, E. B., Kim, H. O., Wagstaff, R., Li, S., Abdelaal, H. M., Kemp, N., Watkins, D. I., MaWhinney, S., & Skinner, P. J. (2014). Compartmentalization of simian immunodeficiency virus replication within secondary lymphoid tissues of rhesus macaques is linked to disease stage and inversely related to localization of virus-specific CTL. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 193(11), 5613-25.

Academic Information

University of Colorado School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY
Medical School: 
Harvard Medical School
Undergraduate School: 
BA, Anthropology, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA