Georg T. Wondrak, PhD

Associate Professor
Pharmacology, Toxicology
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(520) 626-0190
(520) 626-3797

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Dr. Wondrak's research examines the pathological role of oxidative and proteotoxic stress in solar photodamage and skin cancer (melanoma and nonmelanoma) aiming at the design of novel molecular strategies for prevention and therapeutic intervention. Based on his international professional training and proven track record in skin photodamage-related biochemical and pharmacological research, Dr. Wondrak's research group at the College of Pharmacy and University of Arizona Cancer Center is well positioned to productively interact with Dr. Dickinson to pursue the proposed research that tests feasibility of targeting TLR4 for the photochemoprevention of skin carcinogenesis induced by solar ultraviolet radiation. The project will specifically benefit from our complementary expertise in small molecule therapeutic discovery and cutaneous cancer biology.

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Therapeutic Development
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