Herbert H. Severson, PhD

Oregon Research Institute - Senior Research Scientist

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(541) 484-2123
(541) 484-1108
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As is a Senior Research Scientist at ORI I have published empirical papers on tobacco use cessation and prevention for the past 30 years, including extensive research on smokeless tobacco (ST). I have written review chapters on ST cessation, contributed sections on ST cessation and prevention for the 1986 and 1994 Surgeon General’s reports, and was an Institute of Medicine Committee member and co-author of the 1994 report Growing Up Tobacco Free. A number of my studies on ST cessation have involved close collaboration with Drs. Peterson and Cigrang with military ST users. In addition, my ORI colleagues (Drs. Danaher and Andrews) and I have developed and evaluated Web-based interventions for adults (ChewFree.com) and young ST users ages 14-25 (MyLastDip.com).

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Cancer Prevention and Control
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Affiliate Member
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Oregon Research Institute (ORI)
Selected Publications: 
Smolkowski K, Danaher BG, Seeley JR, Kosty DB, & Severson HH (2010). Modeling missing binary outcome data in a successful Web-based smokeless tobacco cessation program. Addiction. 105(6), 1005-1015. PM: 20148782. PMC Journal – In Process
Ebbert JO, Severson HH, Croghan IT, Danaher BG & Schroeder DR (2010). A pilot study of mailed nicotine lozenges with assisted self-help for the treatment of smokeless tobacco users. Addictive Behaviors, 35(5): 522-525. PMID: 20060229. PMC2850207
Severson, H.H., Peterson, A.L., Andrews, J.A., Gordon, J.S., Cigrang, J.A., Danaher, B.G., Hunter, C.M., and Barkley, M. (2009). Smokeless tobacco cessation in military personnel: A randomized controlled trial. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 11(6): 730-738. PMID: 19395686 PMC Journal – In Process.
Tomar, S.L., Fox, B.J., & Severson, H.H. (2009). Is smokeless tobacco use an appropriate public health strategy for reducing societal harm from cigarette smoking? International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 6(1): 10-24. PMC2672338.
Ebbert JO, Severson HH, Croghan IT, Danaher BG, & Schroeder DR (2009). A randomized clinical trial of the nicotine lozenge for smokeless tobacco use. Nicotine & Tobacco Research. 11(12): 1415-1423. PMID: 19880578. PMC2784490

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Clinical Psychology, License #0521 - Oregon

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1995 - Member, American Psychological Association

2006 - Research Laureate Award, American Academy of Health Behavior 

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Master's Degree: 
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Undergraduate School: 
Wisconsin State University, Whitewater, WI