Ian F. Robey

Research Assistant Professor

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(520) 981-5619

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Therapeutic Development
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Associate Research Member
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The purpose of my research program is to improve understanding on how extracellular pH influences tumor behavior.  I am interested in the mechanisms driving acid-mediated invasion and metastases. Another major goal of my studies is to determine if systemic alkaline buffering is effective as an interventional or adjunctive therapy in the treatment of metastatic cancer. My initial research focus has been on the role of glycolysis, acidity, and hypoxia in tumor progression. These investigations placed a strong emphasis on imaging techniques to assess the tumor microenvironment. My current research program evolved from a project investigating chronic oral bicarbonate administration in tumor bearing mice to inhibit the spread of metastases. The study was the basis of a mentored career award from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). The objective of my project is to advance the preclinical findings on the effects of tumor alkalinization to promote the application of eventual clinical trials with the expectation of establishing a research program bridging integrative medicine and diagnosis/therapy driven non-invasive imaging methodologies.
Selected Publications: 
Robey IF, Baggett BK, Kirkpatrick ND, Roe DJ, Dosescu J, Sloane BF, Hashim AI, Morse DL, Raghunand N, Gatenby RA, Gillies RJ (2009), Bicarbonate increases tumor pH and inhibits spontaneous metastases, Cancer Research 69(6):2260-8. PMCID: PMC2834485.
Martin NK, Gaffney EA, Gatenby RA, Gillies RJ, Robey IF, and PK Maini (2010), A Mathematical Model of Tumour and Blood pHe Regulation: The HCO3-/CO2 Buffering System. Mathematical Biosciences 230(1):1-11. PMCID: PMC3045481.
Robey IF, Martin NK (2011), Bicarbonate and dichloroacetate:  Evaluating pH altering therapies in a mouse model for metastatic breast cancer. BMC Cancer, 11:235.
Martin N, Robey I, Gaffney E, Gillies R, Gatenby R, Maini P: Predicting the Safety and Efficacy of Buffer Therapy to Raise Tumor pHe: An Integrative Modeling Study, submitted.
Collaborative Research: 

Marty Pagel, Ph.D. - Measuring tumor pHe with CEST MRI

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University of Oregon