Ida Moore, DNSc, RN

Professor, Nursing
Director, Division of Biobehavioral Health Science Division
Investigator, Center for Toxicology
Endowed Professor, Ann Furrow - College of Nursing
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(520) 626-6205

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Dr. Moore is a Professor in the College of Nursing and a member of the University of Arizona Cancer Center. She has 25 years of research experience investigating the impact of central nervous system (CNS)-directed cancer treatment for pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)  and brain tumors. She has been the Principal Investigator on extramurally funded clinical studies of the long-term effects of CNS-directed treatment, interventions to improve cognitive and academic outcomes among children with ALL and pre-clinical studies on mechanisms of CNS tissue injury and gene expression changes associated with chemotherapy. The project proposed here is a longitudinal study of changes in expression of miRNAs  known to regulate genes involved in oxidative stress and apoptosis, and potentially linked to phenotypic biomarkers and cognitive abilities in children with ALL.

Dr. Moore has expertise recruiting and retaining a sample of children with ALL. Their team has expertise measuring biomarkers in CSF samples, profiling miRNA in small volumes of CSF, and assessing changes in cognitive abilities over the course of ALL therapy.

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Research and Clinical Interest: 

  • Central Nervous System Toxicity of Cancer Therapy
  • Biological and Behavioral Interventions to Improve CNS outcomes in Children with Leukemia

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  • Pediatric Oncology

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Cancer Prevention and Control
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Research Member
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Dr. Moore's NCBI bibliography

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Professional Information

Positions and Honors: 
  • 6/07 Oncology Nursing Society, Distinguished Researcher Award
  • 6/07 University of Iowa Distinguished Alumni Award in the Achievement Category
  • 6/05 University of Iowa College of Nursing Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
  • 5/98 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of Arizona, College of Nursing
  • 5/98 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of Arizona, College of Nursing
  • 5/94 Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award, University of Arizona, College of Nursing
  • 5/07 Beta Mu Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International Excellence in Leadership Award
  • 4/86 Oncology Nursing Society/Schering Excellence in Cancer Nursing Research Award
  • 4/85 Roche' Laboratories First Place Award for Excellence in Research in Clinical Science, National Student Research Forum, Galveston, Texas
  • 4/03 Distinguished Research Lectureship Award, Western Institute of Nursing
  • 3/08 Visiting Scholar, The Ohio State University School of Nursing
  • 2/85 Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Award, University of California, San Francisco
  • 10/95 Beta Mu Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International Excellence in Research Award
  • 10/92 Sandoz Jean Fergusson Award for Excellence in Pediatric Oncology Nursing Education
  • 10/90 Davol Inc. Excellence in Research Award

Academic Information

Nursing, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Master's Degree: 
MA, Nursing, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
Undergraduate School: 
BSN, Nursing, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA