James K. Cunningham, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

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Cancer Prevention and Control
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Associate Research Member
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Selected Publications: 

Cunningham J. K., Maxwell J. C., Campollo O., Cunningham K. I., Liu L.-M., Lin H.-L. Proximity to the US-Mexico border: a key to explaining geographic variation in US methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine purity. Addiction (in press).

Callaghan R. C., Cunningham J. K., Sajeev G., Kish S. J. Incidence of Parkinson's disease among hospital patients with methamphetamine-use disorders. Movement Disorders (in press).

Cunningham J. K., Bojorquez I., Campollo O., Liu L.-M., Maxwell J. C. (2010) Mexico’s methamphetamine precursor controls: impacts on drug treatment admissions. Addiction. 105: 1785-1798.

Callaghan R. C., Cunningham J. K., Victor J. C., Liu L.-M. (2009) Impact of Canadian federal methamphetamine precursor and essential chemical regulations on methamphetamine-related acute-care hospital admissions. Drug and Alcohol Dependence. 105: 185-193.

Cunningham J. K., Liu L.-M., Callaghan R. (2009) Impact of US and Canadian precursor regulation on methamphetamine purity in the United States. Addiction. 104: 441-453.

Cunningham J. K., Liu L.-M. (2008) Impact of methamphetamine precursor chemical legislation, a suppression policy, on the demand for drug treatment. Social Science & Medicine. 66: 1463-1473.

Cunningham J. K., Liu L.-M., Muramoto M. (2008) Methamphetamine suppression and route of administration: precursor regulation impacts on snorting, smoking, swallowing and injecting. Addiction. 103: 1174-1186.

Cunningham J. K., Liu L.-M. (2005) Impacts of federal precursor regulations on methamphetamine arrests. Addiction. 100: 479-488.

Cunningham J. K., Liu L.-M. (2003) Guidelines for measuring impacts of methamphetamine precursor regulations. Addiction. 98: 1463-1464.

Cunningham J. K., Liu L.-M. (2003) Impacts of federal ephedrine and pseudoephedrine regulations on methamphetamine-related hospital admissions. Addiction. 98: 1229-1237.

Cunningham J. K., Stoeckert J. A. (1992) Evaluations of 3M/House single channel and Nucleus multichannel cochlear implants. The American Journal of Otology. 13: 449-453.

Cunningham J. K. (1990) Parent’s evaluations of the effects of the 3M/House cochlear implant on children. Ear and Hearing. 11: 375-381.

Fujikawa S., Cunningham J. K. (1989) Practices and attitudes related to hearing: A survey of executives. Amplification and Aural Rehabilitation. 10: 357-360.
Cunningham J. K., Stoeckert J. A. (1988) Improvements in cochlear implant appearance: the user’s view. Hearing Instruments. 39: 32-34.


Professional Information

Professional Affiliations: 
  • College on Problems of Drug Dependence
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Public Health Association 

Canada-Mexico Joint Award in North American Studies
Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program

Harry F. Scoville Practitioner Research Award
Western Governmental Research Association

Achievements in Alcohol and Drug Research
California Association of Alcohol and Drug Administration