Jean M. Wilson, PhD

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(520) 626-2097

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Dr. Wilson is a Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, a member of the Bio5 Institute and is affiliated with the Cancer Biology and Neuroscience Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs. Her research focuses on membrane trafficking in polarized cells, with an emphasis on how functional membrane domains are generated and maintained.  Using morphological, biochemical, and molecular biological approaches, she studies the mechanisms of biogenesis and targeting of endosomal proteins, polarized targeting of apical proteins, and trafficking of tight junction proteins. The role of membrane trafficking in the establishment and maintenance of epithelial polarity is a major point of emphasis. Loss of polarity is a hallmark of cancer, and current paradigms suggest that loss of polarity may be an early event in the transformation process. Her laboratory is working to define how membrane trafficking regulates morphogenesis, signaling, and fate in normal cells and how changes in these pathways could lead to cancer.

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Cancer Biology
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Research Member
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Dr. Wilson's NCBI bibliography

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