Leilei Peng, PhD

Assistant Professor
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(520) 626-3689
(520) 621-4358

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Dr. Peng's research interest is inventing and building new fluorescence imaging tools for biomedical research. Her current research interests include:

  1. Developing novel superresolution microscopy method for live wide-field imaging on membrane resident or near membrane structure, and
  2. Developing high-resolution multi-color fluorescence lifetime imaging method in deep tissue for live imaging of complex protein interactions at cellular level in whole organisms.

Dr. Peng's group has the full research ability of conceiving new imaging techniques, building instruments, and applying new techniques to collaborative biological studies. They maintain close collaborations with multiple research groups in system biology, developmental biology and genetics. Through these collaborations, they are applying our unique advanced imaging techniques to fundamental questions remaining in the biomedical research field and cancer research.

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Cancer Imaging
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Research Member
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