Peter H. Bartels, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Optical Sciences
Director of Quantitative Diagnostic and Histopathologic Laboratory
Professor Emeritus of Pathology
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(520) 298-2778

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Research Program: 
Cancer Imaging
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Affiliate Member
Summary of Research Activity: 

Optical image analysis; quantitation in diagnostic cytology/pathology; very high-speed image scanning; multiprocessor computer design.

Professional Information

Positions and Honors: 
International Academy of Cytology, Honorary Fellow, 1970
The University of Arizona Foundation, Creative Research Award, 1978
NASA Achievement Award, 1980
National Cancer Institute, Outstanding Investigator Award, 1991-1997
American Registry of Pathology, 1992 Ash Lecture
Lifetime Achievement Award, International Society for Diagnostic Quantitative Histopathology, 1998