Scott Going, PhD

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(520) 626-3432
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Dr. Going has the training, experience, and motivation to contribute to various research initiatives at the University of Arizona Cancer Center (UACC).  He has experience with the training and mentoring of students, postdocs and early-stage investigators.  He also has over 25 years of experience leading NIH funded studies and collaborating with a diverse group of investigators at the UACC and other units and at other institutions.

Dr. Going has broad training in physiology, exercise physiology and exercise science and particular expertise in design, delivery and assessment of exercise interventions in youth and adults, including clinical populations (cancer, obesity, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis). He is experienced with all methods for physical activity assessment, including acelerometry-based methods, and strategies for physical activity promotion and adherence/retention in exercise trials and community programs, and the use of technology such as mobile devices and platforms for automated messaging and data capture. He is also expert in most body composition assessment methods and has contributed to development of methods and models for soft tissue and bone assessment in children and adults.

Dr. Going has successfully led large teams and has been responsible for both physical activity and body composition assessment protocols and the design and delivery of activity interventions for multi-site, multi-university studies. These studies have all led to multiple publications and he has more than 300 publications in well-respected journals. Over his career at UA, he has enjoyed multiple, fruitful collaborations with UACC investigators. He has provided body composition assessment, physical activity assessment, and physical activity interventions for studies in breast cancer, prostate cancer, and most recently colorectal cancer survivors.

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Cancer Prevention and Control
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Research Member
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University of Arizona
College Agriculture and Life Sciences
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Director of the Body Composition Research Laboratory and University of Arizona, Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition. Expertise in body composition assessment methods, including dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, and physical activity assessment, exercise training and physical activity interventions, and promotion of health-related behaviors including physical activity and diet.

Selected Publications: 

Dr. Going's NCBI bibliography

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