Timothy W Secomb, PhD

Professor, Physiology
Research Professor, Arizona Research Laboratories
Professor, Mathematics
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Dr. Secomb is a Professor of Physiology. He has been conducting research focusing on the microcirculation for 35 years. The microcirculation is a network of extremely small blood vessels that supplies oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our tissues. The focus of his research is the use of mathematical and computational approaches to study blood flow and mass transport in the microcirculation, structural adaptation of vessels and angiogenesis and local regulation of blood flow. Other areas of research include development of models for the pharmacodynamics of cancer drugs, and the mechanics of the left ventricle.

Working in collaboration with experimentalists, Dr. Secomb aims to understand quantitatively the processes involved. Based on this work, he has published more than 160 peer reviewed journal articles, obtaining more than 7200 citations and an h-index of 44 (Web of Science). He also has substantial experience as a mentor, including his current role as the Program Director of an NIH T32 training grant “Computational and mathematical modeling of biomedical systems,” and mentoring 10 predoctoral and 10 postdoctoral trainees.

Based on his experience in theoretical modeling in physiology, with emphasis on microcirculation, and hist established ongoing research program devoted to understanding blood flow, oxygen transport, drug transport, vascular remodeling and angiogenesis in normal and tumor tissues, Dr. Secomb believes that he is well qualified for his role in the research program for which support is being requested.

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