Usha Menon, PhD, RN, FAAN

Associate Dean for Research & Global Advances, UA College of Nursing
Professor, College of Nursing
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(520) 626-0828
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Usha Menon, PhD, RN, FAAN is Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Global Advances at The University of Arizona (UA) College of Nursing in Tucson, Arizona and a member of the UA Cancer Center. At UA she leads patient engagement for the recently awarded NIH Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Enrollment Center grant.

A major emphasis of her research is on increasing early detection of cancer among aging and vulnerable minority populations and promoting health equity in cancer and diabetes outcomes using rigorous theory-based models of inquiry. Her leadership focus is on diversity of thought and scholarship in nursing. In the global health arena, Dr. Menon focuses on nursing workforce and curriculum development and interprofessional education, specifically in Ethiopia and India as well as cervical cancer screen and treat programs in sub-Saharan Africa and India with a focus on translational and team science.

Dr. Menon is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing; a Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame inductee; and a Top 100 Alumni Legacy Leader by the Indiana University School of Nursing. She is the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient from Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina. An engaging and passionate public speaker, she is a frequent consultant and presenter to national and international groups of researchers, clinicians, and community members.

Research Information

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Cancer Prevention and Control
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Research Member
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Research Focus: 

Regular screening continues to lead to early diagnosis of breast cancer, and thus, death rates from breast cancer have decreased. However, the benefits of early and regular screening are not being realized across all segments of the population.

Latinas in two counties in southern Arizona have low rates of breast cancer screening. The focus of Drs. Gomez and Menon’s  study will be the US-Mexico Border population, where Hispanics make up a majority of the population.

The Border region residents, who also have higher poverty levels, receive far less preventive care compared to the non-Hispanic white populations. Drs. Gomez and Menon and their Univeristy of Arizona colleagues will address this problem, with a short-term goal of increasing first time mammography screening rates and improving diagnostic resolution rates among Latinas in these areas.

The longer-term plan is to develop a sustainable model for breast cancer screening in Latinas that can be used in other settings throughout Arizona and the United States.

This project will dramatically impact the field by providing critical knowledge about how to interact with these populations through culturally sensitive programming. Results from the study are expected to lead to significant breakthroughs that will reduce the gap between research and the implementation of intervention programs to reach underserved Latinas.

Through this program, the team will address how to implement evidence-based prevention and promotion strategies that are culturally relevant and can be executed through community partnerships.

Selected Publications: 

Dr. Menon's NCBI bibliography

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Collaborative Research: 
5R01 DK104648-02                (Menon, PI)                            09/22/14-07/31/19
Integrated Second Language Learning for Chronic Care: A Model to Improve Primary Care for Hispanics with Diabetes.
The purpose of this study is to assess the effect of patient-centered Spanish language curriculum for nurse practitioners on diabetes related outcomes for their Hispanic patients. Role: MPI (G. Martinez)
1R25 TW009707-01A1           (Wondwossen, PI)                   05/18/15-04/30/18
Bridging the Gap in E-capacity for Global Health Research and Training in Eastern Africa.
The purpose of this training program is to increase research capacity in One Health concepts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania through innovative distance training. Role: Co-Investigator
No Grant #                              (Wondwossen, PI)                   07/01/15-06/01/17
Institute of International Education
Strengthening Global One Health Research and Training Capacity.
Applying cutting-edge genomic technologies to prevent the global emergence of antimicrobial resistance.
Role: Co-Investigator
5R01 CA162393-04                (Menon/Larkey,M PI)              06/01/12-03/31/17
Navigation from Community to Clinic to Promote CRC Screening in Underserved Populations.
The purpose of this two-phase study is to test the dissemination & implementation of a patient navigator model to increase attendance at a primary care clinic and subsequently increase colon cancer screening.
Role: MPI
No Grant #                              (Wondwossen, PI)                   01/01/14-12/01/16
The Ohio State University, collaboration between Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Medicine, & Public Health
Digital First Impact Grant.
The purpose of this grant is to develop and implement a 4-course Global Health Certificate program through iTunes University.
Role: Co-Investigator
5R03 CA175464-02                (Kue, PI)                                 01/01/14-12/31/15
Southeast Asian Women’s Health Project. 
The purpose of this study is to understand cervical cancer screening communication patterns among immigrant Cambodian, Lao and Hmong mothers and daughters through focus groups and in-depth interviews.
Role: Co-Investigator
70320                                      (Landers, PI)                          09/01/12-09/01/15
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar Career Development
The purpose of this award is to develop nurse faculty scholar with a focus on leadership and research training.
Dr. Landers’ research program is focused on the control of infection in acute care settings and the decreasing animal to human pathogen transfer.  Dr. Menon serves as his university mentor for leadership and research.
Role: OP
No Grant #                              (Menon, PI)                             07/01/13-06/01/15
The Ohio State University, Office of University Outreach and Engagement
Making a Difference One Street at a Time: Health and wellness capacity building in the near Eastside of Columbus.
The purpose of this community engagement program was to increase student interactions with underserved populations, increase community capacity to write successful grant proposals, and provide health screenings through a local barbershop.
Role: PI
No Grant #                              (Lee-Lin, PI)                            01/01/09-12/01/14
American Cancer Society
Targeted Breast Education Program for Chinese Americans.
The purpose of this study was to adapt and test targeted education to increase mammography screening in Chinese Americans.
Role: OP
No Grant #                              (Kue, PI)                                  07/01/13-06/01/14
Coca-Cola Critical Difference for Women Research Grants on Women, Gender, and Gender Equity
South East Asian Women's Health Project.
This is a formative study to on cervical cancer screening among intergenerational Cambodian and Lao women. Role: Co-Investigator
No Grant #                              (Kue, PI)                                  07/01/13-06/01/14
The Ohio State University College of Nursing Seed Grant
South East Asian Women’s Health Project.
This is a qualitative study to develop methods to examine cervical cancer screening communication among South East Asian immigrant women. Role: OP

Professional Information

Positions and Honors: 
2015-Present  Professor & Associate Dean for Research & Global Advances, University of Arizona College of Nursing
2014–2015      Director, PhD & MS in Nursing Science, The Ohio State University, College of Nursing
2014–2015      Centennial Professor of Nursing, The Ohio State University, College of Nursing
2013-Present  Adjunct  Professor, College of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Gondar, Ethiopia
2013–2015      Director of Community Engagement, The Ohio State University, Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences
2012–2015      Member, The Ohio State University, The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
2012–2014      Vice Dean and Professor, The Ohio State University, College of Nursing
2010–2011      Director, Arizona State University, Southwest Consortium for Health Promotion & Behavior Change
2010–2011      Associate Professor (Adjunct), Mayo Clinic, College of Medicine, MN
2009–2011      Visiting Scientist, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, AZ
2009–2011      Pamela Kidd Distinguished Research Professor (Tenured), Arizona State University, College of Nursing & Health Innovation
2008–2009      Co-Director Community Engagement & Research Core, University of Illinois at Chicago, Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences
2007–2009      Associate Professor (Tenured), University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing
2004–2007      Associate Professor (Tenure Track), University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Nursing
2003–2004      Director, Masters in Community Health Nursing, University of Utah, College of Nursing
2001–2004      Assistant Professor (Tenure Track), University of Utah, College of Nursing
2014   Top 100 Alumni Legacy Leaders, Indiana University School of Nursing
2014   President and Provost's Leadership Institute, The Ohio State University
2014   International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame, Sigma Theta Tau International
2014   Civic Engagement Florence Nightingale Award, The Ohio State University
2014   Ambassador, Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research
2013   President and Provost's Leadership Institute, The Ohio State University
2013   Excellence in Mentoring, Sigma Theta Tau, Epsilon Chapter, OSU
2010   Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
Other Experience and Professional Memberships/Affiliations: 
2014-Present  Awards Committee Member, Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science (CANS)
2014-2015     Chair, OSU College of Nursing- PhD Sub-Committee
2014-2015     Chair, OSU College of Nursing- Appointments, Promotion & Tenure Committee
2013-2017     Peer Review Activities (Grant Reviews), Member, Health Disparities and Equity Promotion Study Section
2013-2015     Health Behavior Expert Panel, Co-Chair , American Academy of Nursing
2013-2015     Executive Committee, The Ohio State University CCTS
2012-Present  Health Behavior Expert Panel Member, American Academy of Nursing
2011-2012     Peer Review Activities (Grant Reviews), Ad-hoc, NIH Health Disparities and Equity Promotion
2010-Present  Peer Review Activities (Panels) & Program Steering Committee, University of Massachusetts-Dana Farber U54 program
2010-2010     Peer Review Activities (Grant Reviews), NIH Special Emphasis Panel Faith-Based Initiatives

Academic Information

Post Doctoral: 
Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
Nursing, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
Master's Degree: 
MS, Nursing, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN
Undergraduate School: 
BSN, Lander College, Greenwood, SC