Zhonglin Liu, MD, MS

Research Professor, Medical Imaging

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(520) 626-4248
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Dr. Liu received his medical degree from the China Medical University, China in 1984 and continued his education at the China Medical University in pursuit of an MS degree in Medical Imaging, which was awarded to him in 1991. He began his career as a Medical Resident in 1984 at the Second University Hospital, China Medical University, China, and Assistant Professor, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine in 1991. Dr. Liu accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Dept. of Nuclear Cardiology at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, from 1995-2000. The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, extended an offer of Research Assistant Professor to Dr. Liu in 2000 to join the group of researchers in the Center for Gamma-Ray Imaging, funded by the National Institutes of Health. This opportunity allowed him to pursue his research in Nuclear Cardiology Imaging. Dr. Liu was promoted to Research Associate Professor in 2005 and has made considerable contributions to his research in publications and data collection. He was the winner of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine’s 2nd Paper Award for Basic Science Investigations, Society of Nuclear Medicine.

Research Information

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Cancer Imaging
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Research Member
Summary of Research Activity: 

I have been engaged in research on nuclear medicine and molecular imaging for 20 years. My research focuses on characterizing and developing radiotracers to study the cellular and molecular events in cardiovascular disease and cancer. I implemented and validated a variety of small-animal models, including ischemic and non-ischemic heart models, atherosclerotic mouse models, and tumor models to detect and quantify the pathogenetic development using radiotracers and high-resolution SPECT imaging technology. I am actively engaged in radiolabeling investigational drugs, antibodies, peptides, and other small molecules using 99mTc, 111In, and 123I/125I for specific molecular imaging. I have developed multiple recombinant cytokine radioligands for specific imaging of inflammation. Among those, 99mTc-labeled TNFR2-Fc-IL-1ra, a dual-domain cytokine radioligand, has shown higher-affinity targeting of inflammatory sites than its individual component radioligands, 99mTc-TNFR-Fc and 99mTc-IL-1ra-Fc. The bispecific cytokine radioligand has been well applied in research projects for specific detection of upregulated inflammation in ischemic-reperfused hearts and atherosclerotic plaques. As PI on an NHLBI-funded project, I am using the cytokine-targeted SPECT imaging technique to study ischemia-reperfusion injury and post-infarct ventricular remodeling.

As a current core project leader in the Center for Gamma-Ray Imaging funded by NIH/NIBIB P41 grant, I have coordinated multiple collaborating projects with both internal researchers and outside project teams and provided strong technology support to biomedical investigators. My research experience in nuclear imaging, radiotracer development, and animal models has fully prepared me for taking on the challenges of this P41 grant renewal application to direct the CGRI Service component as a service director. I will lead my staff and interact with collaborators to perform preclinical studies efficiently.  

Selected Publications: 

Liu Z, Kastis G A, Stevenson G D, Barrett H H, Furenlid L R, Kupinski M A, Patton D R, and Wilson D W, Quantitative analysis of acute myocardial infarction in rat hearts with ischemia-reperfusion using a high-resolution stationary SPECT system, J. Nucl. Medi., 43:933-939, 2002. PMC3062997

Liu Z, Stevenson G D, Barrett H H, Kastis G A, Bettan M, Furenlid L R, Wilson D W, and Woolfenden J M, Imaging recognition of multidrug resistance in human breast tumors using 99mTc-labeled monocationic agents and a high-resolution stationary SPECT system, Nucl. Medi. Biol., 31:53-65, 2004.  PMC3062994

Liu Z, Stevenson G D, Barrett H H, Kastis G A, Bettan M, Furenlid L R, Wilson D W, Woolfenden J M, and Pak K Y, 99mTc-glucarate high-resolution imaging of drug-sensitive and drug-resistant human breast cancer xenografts in SCID mice, Nucl. Medi. Commun., 25:711-720, 2004.  PMC2946081

Liu Z, Stevenson G D, Kastis G A, Barrett H H, Bettan M, Furenlid L R, Wilson D W, and Pak K Y, High-resolution imaging with 99mTc-glucarate for assessing myocardial injury in rat models exposed to different durations of ischemia with reperfusion, J. Nucl. Medi., 45:1251-1259, 2004. PMC2586845

Liu Z, Stevenson G D, Barrett H H, Kastis G A, Bettan M, Furenlid L R, Wilson D W, and Woolfenden J M, Imaging recognition of inhibition of multidrug resistance in human breast cancer xenografts using 99mTc-labeled sestamibi and tetrofosmin, Nucl. Medi. Biol., 32;573-583, 2005. PMC1402231

Liu Z, Zhao M, Zhu X, Furenlid L R, Chen Y-C, Barrett H H, In vivo dynamic imaging of myocardial cell death using 99mTc-labeled C2A domain of Synaptotagmin I in a rat model of ischemia and reperfusion, Nucl. Medi. Biol., 34:907-915, 2007. PMC2515710

Liu Z, Barrett H H, Stevenson G D, Furenlid L R, Wilson D W, Woolfenden J M, and Pak K Y, Evaluating the Protective Role of Ischemic Preconditioning in Rat Hearts Using a Stationary Small-Animal SPECT Imager and 99mTc-Glucarate, Nucl. Medi. Commun., 29:120-128, 2008. PMC2586977

Liu Z, Chen L, Liu S, Barber C, Stevenson GD, Furenlid LR, Barrett HH, and Woolfenden JM, Kinetic characterization of a novel cationic 99mTc(I)-tricarbonyl complex, 99mTc-15C5-PNP, for myocardial perfusion imaging, J. Nucl. Cardio., 17:858–867, 2010.PMC2940957

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