Principal Investigators

NACP operates on the Multiple Principal Investigator (PI) plan.

Contact PIs:

Margaret Briehl, PhD, University of Arizona Cancer Center

Jani C. Ingram, PhD, Northern Arizona University

Dr. Jani Ingram, PhD, a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Northern Arizona University, investigates environmental contaminants with respect to their impact on health.  A major part of her research is focused on characterizing uranium and arsenic contamination in water, soil, plants and livestock.  A critical aspect of her research is to foster collaborations with the Native American community and leaders to build trust, obtain access to field samples and gain insights into their health concerns.


Community Outreach PIs:

Francine Gauchpin, PhD, MPH, Principal Investigator for the University of Arizona Cancer Center

Nicolette Teufel-Shone, PhD, Principal Investigator for Northern Arizona University



Kelly Laurila, MA, Evaluation Coordinator 



Ron Heimark, PhD, Principal Investigator, UACC

Jason Wilder, PhD, Principal Investigator, UACC

Training PIs:

Margaret M. Briehl, PhD, Principal Investigator for the University of Arizona Cancer Center

Hendrik D. deHeer, PhD, Principal Investigator for Northern Arizona University