Cancer Imaging: Collaborations and Membership

The research program is well integrated with key research organizations and facilities, such as the Center for Gamma Ray Imaging (CGRI), the Biological Magnetic Resonance (BMR) facility, the UA/UMC MRI Partnership facility, and the Ligand Discovery Laboratory (LDL) in BIO5. The CIP has particularly strong ties to the Department of Radiology and the Radiology Research Division housed in the Radiology Research Laboratory. The CIP is also strongly connected to the Departments of PathologyCellular and Molecular MedicineRadiation Oncology, and Physiology in the College of Medicine, as well as to the Biomedical Engineering (BME) program and the College of Optical Sciences.

Through collaborative research and shared goals, the CIP is integrated with the other principal UACC scientific programs, which include the Cancer Biology Program, the Cancer Prevention and Control Program and the Therapeutic Development Program. Members of the CIP actively support the UACC Imaging Core Facility and utilize it and the other core facilities of the UACC to carry out their research in cancer imaging.


Jennifer Barton, PhD
Evan Unger, MD


Gene Alexander, PhD
Maria Altbach, PhD
Harrison Barrett, PhD
Jennifer Barton, PhD
Ali Bilgin, PhD
Lars Furenlid, PhD
Jean-Philippe Galons, PhD
Arthur Gmitro, PhD
Hong Hua, PhD
Raymond Kostuk, PhD
Phillip Kuo, MD, PhD
Matthew Kupinski, PhD
R Clark Lantz, PhD
Rongguang Liang, PhD
Zhonglin Liu, MD, MS
Ronald Lynch, PhD
Diego Martin, MD, PhD
Terry Matsunaga, Pharm D, PhD
Mark (Marty) Pagel, PhD
Leilei Peng, PhD
Marek Romanowski, PhD
Andrew Rouse, PhD
Jacob C Schwartz, PhD
Timothy Secomb, PhD
Evan Unger, MD
Josef Vagner, PhD

Associate RESEARCH Members:

Achyut Bhattacharyya, MD
Julio Cardenas-Rodriguez, PhD
Raymond Carmody, MD
Russell Witte, PhD
James Woolfenden, MD


Peter Bartels, PhD
William Dallas, PhD
Eniko Enikov, PhD
Robert Greenes, MD, PhD
Thomas Grogan, MD
Bobby Kalb, MD
Jiaming Liang, PhD
Deirdre Meldrum, PhD
Larry Morrison, PhD
Alan C Nelson, PhD
Hans Roehrig, PhD
Ted Trouard, PhD
Terry Urbine, PhD
Urs Utzinger, PhD
Jonathan Vande Geest, PhD


Bhaskar Banerjee, MD
Marisa Borders, MD
Kimberly Fitzpatrick, MD
Zain Khalpey, MD, PhD