Experimental Mouse Shared Resource

The Experimental Mouse Shared Resource (EMSR) has provided expertise to The University of Arizona Cancer Center and outside investigators since 1993. The EMSR offers a continuum of services, from initial consultation and in vivo experimental design, to GEM Production, through Mouse Experimentation and data analysis. This enables the investigator to generate and use mouse models of human cancer to their fullest potential, utilizing the Service’s extensive knowledge and expertise at competitive pricing. The EMSR helps to develop cancer therapies that are efficient, cost effective, and clinically relevant.

The EMSR is located in The University of Arizona Cancer Center and is led by Natalia Ignatenko, PhD.

The GEM Production unit is located in the BIO5 Institute and is led by Tom Doetschman, PhD.

The GEM Production unit can help create amouse model and the Mouse Experimentation unit can help researchers realize its full potential.

The EMSR is GLP qualified since 2012.



Available services include:

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Disclaimer: The Experimental Mouse Shared Resource will perform experiments outlined in the investigator approved experimental designs with the highest care and quality. The  Experimental Mouse Shared Resource is not responsible or liable for any claims, loss or damage arising from the quality of the material (cell lines etc.) or the experimental design (drug doses, frequency, etc.) provided by the Investigator.