Relationship to other Shared Resources

TACMASR works with a number of other UACC Shared Resources as well as other campus core facilities.

We have a long standing interaction with the UACC's Experimental Mouse SR. We routinely receive samples from EMSR for processing as formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) blocks. Some of these include tissue needing decalcification prior to FFPE. Other projects may require immunostaining, pathologic interpretation or scoring, and possibly microscopy to document the changes seen in the tissue. EMSR is located just "around the corner" from TACMASR.

Our Biorespository depends on the expertise in the AZiCATS Biomedical Informatics Services group for support for the TissueMetrix database. TissueMetrix is biobank management software that we use to manage our HIPPA-compliant biobank and our freezer inventory.

Other UACC Shared Resources we naturally interact with include the UACC Genomics SR (analysis of biobanked or sectioned tissue), the UACC Biostatistics SR (consultations with users regarding sample size and statistical power) and the UACC Cancer Imaging SR (small animal imaging, image analysis expertise).

Mr. Cromey is a member of the University of Arizona Microscopy Alliance, collaborating with other core facilities and experts across campus to ensure that UACC users are matched with the microscopy instrument and expertise that best meets their research needs.