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  • #1.5 Coverslips - a short PDF handout discussing the importance of using the correct coverslip thickness for microscopy.  Includes links to vendors for the hard to find #1.5H high performance coverslips.
  • Thermo-Fisher has a short protocol for mounting coverslips. There is a PDF and a video on this page. While the protocol is primarily for cells cultured & stained on a coverslip, the handling tips should be helpful for people mounting coverslips on sectioned tissue on a slide.
  • Viewer software for scanned microscope slides - Sedeen (reads TIF and JPEG2000), or OpenSlide (reads the BIF format native to the iScan, as well as TIF and JPEG2000).  Both are free and run on MS Windows computers. NOTE: scanned slide images are large files and veiwer software runs best on a computer with a newer CPU and lots of RAM.
  • Handouts for UACC Leica confocal microscope - information in PDF format for trained users of this instrument
  • Microscopy and Imaging Resources Online - A collection of curated links to educational information on a variety of microscopy techniques. (Doug Cromey, SWEHSC)
  • UA Microscopy Alliance - Information about all of the University of Arizona's core facility microscopes.
  • UACC Common core microscopes - instruments available to UACC labs only (pre-approved UAnetID login required)