Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the glassware washed?

    Details about dishwashing can be found on the main Dishwashing Shared Service page.

  2. What is autoclaving?

    Autoclaving is sterilization by high-pressure steam heat

  3. When should I autoclave versus just dishwashing?

    Autoclaving is a form of sterilization; not all pipettes and glassware need to be sterilized.
  4. What is the cost of a load?

  5. What constitutes a load?

    A load corresponds to one dishwasher load; labs are not charged per bucket. If one bottle is washed the lab will be charged for a load because the dishwasher was occupied, utilized soap, staff time, etc.
  6. How do I sign up for pickup and delivery?

    E-mail the Dishwashing Director of Glassware Services, Nicco Tuscaney, or call him at (520) 626-4574. The DWSS Director will meet with you personally to:
  • Set up the specific Dishwashing Services you need
  • Provide a copy of the 'DWSS Booklet of Procedures and Polices'  
  • Explain and set up the billing for services
  • Answer all your specific questions
  • Offer a  tour of the DW Facilities  
  1. Is there an extra charge for pickup and delivery?

  2. Why was the acid washing service eliminated and what do we do now?

    Acid washing was not cost effective, was hard on the equipment and dangerous to perform.
  3. Is there a regulatory basis for the DSS policies and procedures?

    The AZCC Dishwashing policies and procedures are based on years of experience and general compliance with U.S.D.A and N.I.H. rules and regulations where applicable. Cross contamination is a major concern and led to the implementation of many improvements.
  4. What is washed?

    All plastic and rubber items are washed; beakers, bottles, funnels, plastic and glass cylinders, pipettes, test tubes, test tube holders, and the trays that hold dirty dishware. Liquids are not washed – they are autoclaved and that only by request. 
  5. What about breakage? 

    Breakage is rare and usually due to glassware age rather than handling.
    The very few items lost to breakage are brought to the attention of the lab manager and/or the program directors. 

  6. What about EMERGENCY SUPPORT for after hours, weekend, and holiday assistance?

    Even though the need is unusual, the DWSS Director, Nicco Tuscaney can be reached for emergency support anytime at (520) 270-4460.