Past Community Events

Annual Living in Harmony witht the Sun event

We were out at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum for our 12th year on May 20th. We promoted sun safety as part of Cool Summer Nights. Ray was there to greet folks and we had educational tables, activities for the kids, our skin analyzer for seeing sun damage under the skin, and more! As always, our activities were enjoyed by many of the Museum visitors. We're spreading the word about sun safety! 



Skin cancer Prevention Friends (SPF) 3rd Annual Luncheon

It was  a wonderful afternoon of good food and great conversation!  Over 50 supporters of the SCI came to the luncheon this year. Our new melanoma oncologist, Monte Shaheen gave a great presentation. Thanks to all who attended!



Our 7th annual Melanoma Walk was held on Saturday, November 5th. Over 300 wonderful people came out to walk on the UA main campus mall. We raised over $69,000, had 20 major cash sponsors, and almost 50 in-kind donations! We also screened 52 people for skin cancer and diagnosed several possible skin cancers. Every year, the Walk raises funds to support skin cancer research, outreach and skin cancer awareness, while giving people the opportunity to support someone they love that has been affected by melanoma. You can still visit the Walk website to learn more and donate today!







On June 11th, we joined the Arizona-Sonora Deset Museum as part of the "Cool Summer Nights" program. Visitors learned how to be more sun safe and live in harmony with the desert sun. Our sun safe mascot "Ray" welcomed visitors, and  we had informational tables on sunscreen and skin cancer, find fun kids activities, and skin analyzer machines to see invisible sun damage to the skin. As usual, the event was a success!

2nd annual SPF Luncheon

The luncheon is an event to celebrate all our wonderful supporters of the Skin cancer Prevention Friends group (SPF) and offer the opportunity for people to hear more about what we do. In 2016, Dr. Sancy Leachman, MD, PhD was our guest speaker and presented on the War on Melanoma. Thank you to eveyone who attended luncheon. You made it a wonderful day!


6th Annual Melanoma Walk

Melanoma Walk 2015 was a huge success! We had 24 walk teams, and 340 people came out to walk with countless more donating to the cause. At the free skin cancer screening held before the walk, seven community dermatologists and healthcare providers donated their time, and perfomed 75 screenings. Several possible skin cancers and pre-cancers were found. We had 20 major sponsors and another 50 in-kind donations from community businesses. We raised over $58,000 to continue our efforts to reduce skin cancer rates through education, research and community outreach. Thanks to everyone who contributed to Melanoma Walk 2016, including all our volunteers. Without you, we could not make the Walk the fine event that it is! Visit our Facebook page to see pictures from the Walk.




10th annual Living in Harmony with the Sun 




The Skin Cancer Institute had its 10th annual event at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum on Saturday, June 13th with our sun safe mascot Ray, informational tables on sunscreen and skin cancer, kids activities, and more! We had a lot of visitors join us for the evening!


Melanoma Walk 2014

The walk was a grand success! This was our 5th year hosting this fun and meaningful event!! We screened 70 people for skin cancer and found 3 potential melanomas! We had over 300 attendees and raised over $45,000 dollars to help fight melanoma. Stay tuned to our walk website for walk news and pictures. 


Living in Harmony with the Sun 2014

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum on May 31st to help us celebrate our 9th annual "Living in Harmony with the Sun" event! We screened 71 people and found many potential skin cancers (including 2 deadly melanomas) that may have otherwise gone undiagnosed!

The Desert Museum is one of Arizona’s most popular attractions, teaching how desert animals and humans have adapted to the sun and learned to thrive in the desert environment.

The goal of Living in Harmony with the Sun is to help educate residents and visitors about the dangers of sun exposure, and teach everyone how to enjoy Arizona’s approximately 350 days of sunshine each year without accumulating skin damage.











International Skin Carcinogenesis Conference

The Skin Cancer Institute (SCI) co-hosted the International Skin Carcinogenesis Conference (ISCC) June 5th –8th. This meeting brought together scientists who are at the forefront of understanding the molecular basis for skin cancer development. Featured highlights this year included the most recent and relevant advances in the biological, cellular and molecular changes that occur during skin cancer development. There were also presentations on squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma.






Melanoma Walk

We hosted our 4th Melanoma Walk on Nov. 2, and it was a great day! We had over 400 walkers come out to support the cause, and raised almost $55,000! We also screened 75 people from our community for skin cancer. We can't wait to do it all again next year!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, and everyone who came out to walk for the cause. A great big thanks to all of our wonderful voluteers and screening physicians as well!

Click here for more information.



Spirits were high at Melanoma Walk 2013!!!



Benefit Concert at Jasper Neighborhood Restaurant 

The Skin Cancer Institute's benefit concert was a success! This exciting event took place on Sunday, Aug. 4 at Jasper Neighborhood Restaurant & Bar. There was live music, dinner, drinks, and more—all to benefit the Skin Cancer Institute.




Living in Harmony with the Sun

On June 8, 2013, the University of Arizona Skin Cancer Institute joined the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum for an afternoon of sun safety and skin cancer awareness. The attendance was amazing for our Eighth Annual Living in Harmony with the Sun event. We screened 76 people and found many potential skin cancers that may have otherwise gone undiagnosed!



See a video from our 2013 event here!

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has been an invaluable partner with the Skin Cancer Institute and has committed to making sun safety a priority for their staff and visitors. To this end, ASDM provides sunscreen dispensers in each bathroom with information about proper application and now provides umbrellas with sun protective fabric provided by SunScape Fashion for guests to use at no cost. We hope to expand our relationship to include permanent sun-related displays and we look forward to forming similar collaborations with other outdoor Tucson venues.


Melanoma Walk

In 2009, the Skin Cancer Institute hosted the very first Melanoma Walk. This year, we had our third melanoma walk. Over 400 walkers came out to help raise money to fight melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. We raised over $44,000! Thanks to community support, volunteers, walkers and walk teams, and our many generous sponsors, the Melanoma Walk continues to be a success!