Unstoppable. And celebrating 61 years cancer-free!

Ginny ClementsMeet Ginny Clements, a Wildcat fan and our biggest cheerleader in the fight against breast cancer.

A cancer survivor since her diagnosis at the tender age of 15, she’s been vocal advocate for breast cancer research at the University of Arizona Cancer Center for many years.

Here’s her story in her words:
I was the head pom pom leader at Fowler High, a school of 400 students located in the Central Valley of California, 10 miles south of Fresno. The population in 1956 was 1,869 people. I found a lump in my breast, which was later diagnosed as breast cancer. On April 12, 1956, I was rushed to surgery, not knowing what was in store for me. My breast, lymph nodes and breast muscle were removed, and I woke up in recovery with this awful news. A few days after the surgery, wrapped in bandages, I went home to start a life of why’s, what’s, where’s and many, many tears.
Fast forward to 2006, when I made a huge decision. No more would I be silent about my breast cancer. I wanted other survivors to know that looking at me might give them hope. Looking at me might help them say, “I can go on and do good things in the world.”
To me, if it wasn’t for the work done by cancer researchers, cures wouldn’t be possible. I know we’ve come a long way, and we have a long way to go.
But together, we can win!

Let’s BEAR DOWN and fight breast cancer together!

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