Sydney E. Salmon Distinguished Investigator Award Winners

The Sydney E. Salmon Distinguished Investigator Awards recognize UA Cancer Center faculty members for their leadership in cancer research, grant support, publications, community service and clinical responsibilities. They were established to honor and remember Dr. Salmon, the Cancer Center’s founding director, and are presented annually as close as possible to his May 8 birthday.

Past recipients:

  • 2017: H-H. Sherry Chow, PhD
  • 2016: Cynthia Thomson, PhD, RD
  • 2015: Laurence Hurley, PhD
  • 2014: Lisa Rimsza, MD
  • 2013: David S. Alberts, MD; Emmanuelle Meuillet, PhD
  • 2012: M. Peter Lance, MD, FRCP; Steven P. Stratton, PhD
  • 2011: Thomas P. Miller, MD; Daruka Mahadevan, MD, PhD
  • 2010: Robert Dorr, PhD; Mark "Marty" Pagel, PhD
  • 2009: Raymond Nagle, MD, PhD; Elizabeth Jacobs, PhD
  • 2008: Anne Cress, PhD; Georg Wondrak, PhD
  • 2007: Eugene W. Gerner, PhD; Patricia Thompson-Cariño, PhD
  • 2006: G. Timothy Bowden, PhD; Joyce Schroeder, PhD

Earlier winners from outside the UA Cancer Center:

  • 2005: James Abbruzzese, MD: MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • 2004: Stephen B. Baylin, MD: Johns Hopkins University
  • 2003: Frank Meyskens, Jr., MD: University of California-Irvine