Act Against Cancer Fund

The University of Arizona Cancer Center is among the nation’s best NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. Research with a global impact is conducted here every day. Annual giving for the Center provides opportunities for discovery, promotes knowledge and education and enables our scientists and physicians to expand hope.

Your annual gifts support the Act Against Cancer Fund. This unrestricted fund allows the Director of the University of Arizona Cancer Center to support innovative programs througout the year. With the state providing less than 3 percent of the cancer center's annual budget, your support is more crucial than ever. 

Please consider a gift every year and make a difference every day.

IMG_3729.jpgSeed funds are a way we can put your gifts to work immediately. Seed money helps a researcher gather preliminary data needed to compete successfully for peer-reviewed grants. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other funding agencies decide to fund projects based on this preliminary data. In this direct way, you get the process started. 

In 2010, Beth Jacobs, PhD, was awarded a multi-million dollar research grant from the NIH. Her initial studies were started with a $5,000 gift made through the Act Against Cancer Fund. Learn more about Dr. Jacobs' research.

Your Gifts at Work

Generous people across the country are passionate about supporting research, education and outreach at the University of Arizona Cancer Center to make the world a healthier place for generations still to come. Together, their generosity, whether the gift is large or small, provides more than $2 million each year, which underwrites a full spectrum of programs and initiatives. 

Projects funded through annual giving include:

  • Research to learn how prostate cancer cells migrate along nerves that pass through the prostate gland to escape and migrate.
  • Public education and outreach initiatives such as the distribution of sun safety products to elementary age children.
  • The recruitment of star faculty.

Donors Make a Difference


Nancy and Craig Berge have been friends of the University of Arizona Cancer Center for 20 years, but they didn’t start the friendship because they or anyone they knew had been touched by cancer. It was a friendship born from their willingness to simply do something good for other people. Read more about how the Berges make a difference

For more information, please contact a member of the development office at (520) 626-5752.