Family Funds

BowdenA Family Fund is a special gift option designed to help you and your family realize your shared philanthropic vision.  You can build a named family legacy that reflects your values and provides you with a unique opportunity to support University of Arizona Cancer Center investigators whose research is decidedly original and has the potential to improve cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Your family can establish a Family Fund with a minimum gift of $10,000. The fund balance is spent in full over a designated period for the purpose you choose. For example, you can support a variety of laboratory and clinical research initiatives or underwrite the costs of producing seminars in oncology at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. You may express a preference for research for a specific cancer. However, sometimes, discoveries in one area have an impact on many cancers, and untargeted funds allow the cancer center flexibility in advancing the most promising work. Whatever the designated purpose, each gift to the University of Arizona Cancer Center will have a direct impact in promoting new studies to reduce the burden of cancer.

For more information, please contact a member of the development office at (520) 626-5752.

Family Funds

Alliance Beverage Fund

Tim and Diane Bowden Cancer Biology Research Fund

Ginny Clements Breast Cancer Research Fund

Bert Preiss Gould Memorial Fund for Cancer Prevention

Jo-Ann Isbrecht Melanoma Research Fund

Rita T. Masser Fund

Bobbi Olson Fund

Patricia and Barry Yellen Young Investigators Fund