When you create an endowment for the University of Arizona Cancer Center, your generosity will be felt for generations to come. With an endowed gift, you provide permanent support for the Cancer Center. Your gift is invested — never spent — and each year a distribution is made to your chosen area of research. You may choose the name of your endowment, ensuring that the name of a friend or family member becomes part of a fabric of cutting-edge research and live-saving treatment at the cancer center.

Endowed Chair or Professorship

Endowing a chair or professorship helps us recruit, retain and reward our best physicians and scientists. An endowed chair represents one of the highest academic honors that the University of Arizona Cancer Center bestows on its most talented faculty. Funding from the Chair typically provides salary support, research tools and educational resources - giving faculty the freedom and flexibilty to pursue teaching and scientific activities for which other funding sources are not available. To endow a chair is $2,000,000 and to endow a professorship is $1,000,000. You may take up to five years to fund your endowment. Click here to see a listing of our endowed chairs.

Endowed Fellowship

As a Center within the University of Arizona College of Medicine, the cancer center has a special obligation to train the next generation of leaders in medical research. Fellowships allow young physicians and scientists to complete specialty training after completing their doctorial degrees. A gift of $500,000 will allow us to attract the brightest young physicians and scientists to train at the Center and provide specialized training opportunities of the highest caliber in research and clinical care. Click here for a listing of our endowed fellowships.

Endowed Family Funds

Your family can establish and name an endowment with a minimum gift of $100,000. You may choose the area of research you wish your endowment to support or allow the Director of the Cancer Center to determine the area of greatest need each year. You can choose to arrange the endowment through an estate plan or through a gift now. A minimum gift of $100,000 will produce approximately $4,000 to spend each year. Click here to see a listing of our endowed family funds.

Our Endowed Chairs

Peter and Paula Fasseas Endowed Chair for Excellence in Cancer Research
Held by Emmanuel Katsanis, MD



Mr. & Mrs. Fenton MaynardMargaret E. and Fenton L. Maynard Chair in Breast Cancer Genomics
Held by Bernard W. Futscher, PhD
Maynard Chair in Breast Cancer Imaging
Held by Arthur F. Gmitro, PhD
Maynard Chair in Breast Cancer Research
Held by Leigh A. Neumayer, MD

Alan and Janice Levin Family Endowed Chair for Excellence in Cancer Research
Held by Clara Curiel, MD

Eleanor Libby Breast Cancer Endowed Chair
Search in progress

Linda McCartneyLinda McCartney Research Chair
Held by Denise Roe, DrPH



John NortonJohn Norton Endowed Chair for Prostate Cancer Research
Held by Frederick Ahmann, MD



Bobbi OlsonBobbi Olson Endowed Chair
Held by Setsuko Chambers, MD





John and Betty Anderson Memorial Fellowship for Cancer Research
Sydney E. Salmon Fellowship
Endowed Family Funds
Donna D. Babnick Research Endowment
John and Marian Badger Endowment
Lon and Lucille Barton Cancer Research Endowment
Pauline M. Berti Endowment
John T. and Janet K. Billington Endowment for Cancer Research
Finley C. and Florence S. Brown Endowment for Cancer Research
Ginny L. Clements Endowment Fund for Breast Cancer Research*
Charles H. and Viola P. Contreras Endowment Fund for Research
Herbert K. Cummings Endowment for Cancer Prevention Research
Del Webb Foundation Research Endowment
Cedric W. and B. June Dempsey Endowment for Lymphoma Cancer Research*
Jack F. Doyle, II Excellence in Cancer Research Endowment*
Roy P. Drachman Endowment for Cancer Research
Kenneth E. Gerber Memorial Scholarship and Research Endowment
Raymond F. and Mae I. Greschner Endowment
Joshua and Maguerite Haberman Cancer Research Endowment
Jo-Ann Isbrecht Melanoma Research Endowment*
Johnson-Briggs Endowment for Multiple Myeloma Research
Wilbur Liebson Endowment for Cancer Research
Margaret E. and Fenton L. Maynard Endowed Fund in Breast Cancer Translational Research
Margaret E. and Fenton L. Maynard Endowed Fund in Breast Cancer Prevention and Control
Maudene F. and Michael Z. Fruehwirth Endowment for Medical Research*
Edgar C. and Helen H. Moore & Joan Moore Noble Memorial Endowment
Ralph E. and Shirley L. Morgan Endowment
David E. Reese Family Cancer Research Endowment
Margaret and Howard Richardson Endowment
Rosser-Banks Research Endowment
Ann and Merrill Rubinow Endowment
Sydney E. Salmon Director's Endowment
Mildred Scott and Newsom Holesapple Memorial Endowment
Sioles Family Cancer Research Endowment
Sitton Backer Endowment for Excellence in Lymphona Research
Mazie Kent Slaymaker Laboratory Endowment
Eleanor Smith Research Endowment
Jeannette Stofft Memorial Cancer Research Endowment
Rev. David R. Thomas and Eleanor M. Thomas Memorial Endowment for Cancer Research*
Hollis B. Vallee Memorial Research Endowment
Donald Ware Waddell Memorial Lectureship
Anna S. Wainger Memorial Endowment
Josephine Weresch Cancer Research Endowment

*The endowment was created through a planned gift not yet realized