William Cance, MD, and Mital Patel, MD. (Credit: Sun Czar Belous, UA College of Medicine – Phoenix) First-Ever Clinical Trial to Treat Liver Cancer Through Immunotherapy Is Accepting Patients
December 5, 2018

UA Cancer Center opens clinical trial in Greater Phoenix for novel liver cancer treatment.

Baldassarre Stea, MD, PhD (center), treats brain tumors with DNA-damaging radiation. (Photo: Anna C. Christensen) UA Team Uncovers Promising Lead in Genetic Approach to Treating Glioblastoma
November 29, 2018

University of Arizona scientists hope they have made progress toward a next-generation drug that may slow tumor growth and boost radiation’s effectiveness in patients with the deadly brain cancer.

Hani Babiker, MD. Photo: Kris Hanning When Melanoma Spreads to the Brain, Patients with BRAF or MEK Mutations Can Find Novel Treatment at UA Cancer Center
November 15, 2018

Its ample sun puts residents at risk for melanoma, but Arizona is also home to experimental treatments through early-phase clinical trials at the University of Arizona Cancer Center.

Tracy Crane, PhD, photo: Jason Gelt UA to Support Smokers on their Journey to Quit
November 14, 2018

The University of Arizona Cancer Center is building a robust tobacco-cessation program to provide support to tobacco users hoping to quit.

Justina McEvoy, PhD UA Targeting Rhabdomyosarcoma, a Rare Pediatric Cancer With Few Treatment Options
October 31, 2018

UA Cancer Center researcher harnesses “big data” to identify targeted treatments for rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that mostly strikes children and teenagers.

Kirsten Limesand, PhD As Dry as the Desert in July
October 30, 2018

A fleeting nuisance for most, dry mouth can wreak havoc on a head-and-neck cancer survivor’s quality of life

Hani Babiker, MD, cares for patients who receive cutting-edge treatments through clinical trials. Photo: Kris Hanning On Trial
October 22, 2018

Clinical trials are the gateway between the laboratory bench and the pharmacy shelves.

Participants in the 2017 Melanoma Walk. (Photo: Mari Cleven) UA Skin Cancer Institute Presents 9th Annual Melanoma Walk, Nov. 3
October 15, 2018

Proceeds support melanoma research, community outreach, education and patient care in Arizona.

Clara Curiel, MD Clara Curiel, MD, Wins Recognition as 2018 Arizona Bioscience Researcher of the Year
September 19, 2018

The bioscience industry organization named Dr. Curiel this year’s top researcher for her pioneering work in skin cancer prevention, screening, treatment and community outreach.

UA Cancer Center multidisciplinary breast team Breast Team Asks, ‘Are You at High Risk for Breast Cancer?’ at Free Educational Presentation, Sept. 29
September 17, 2018

The UA Cancer Center’s Breast Team will educate the public about their risk for breast cancer in a presentation featuring talks about genetics, prevention and more.