Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic

breast_team.10.22.12.jpgThe Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic at the University of Arizona Cancer Center is the premier breast cancer program in the Southwest.

To make an appointment at the University of Arizona Cancer Center — North Campus, call (520) 694-CURE (2873).

To make an appointment at the University of Arizona Cancer Center — Orange Grove campus, call (520) 742-4183.

To make an appointment with our Breast Imaging Center, call (520) 874-MAMM (874-6266) or 874-6300.

Our patients receive personalized cancer treatment by a nationally renowned team of specialists. Our multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer - a team of experts from multiple specialties working together under one roof to provide our patients optimal outcomes.

Find out more about our medical oncology techniques, as well as our High-Risk specialists who provide genetic counseling and testing. In addition, our Supportive Care program is here to help patients and their loved ones cope with breast cancer.

Learn more - download the Breast Cancer Program Fast Facts and read this National Cancer Institute online booklet to learn about breast cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and questions to ask the doctor.

PDF: Download ASCO Answers: Breast Cancer, trusted information to help manage your care from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Click here to see a list of active clinical trials.

Surgical Oncology provide customized surgical treatment of every type of breast tumor a patient might encounter.


Breast Imaging

breast.medicalWe offer cutting-edge imaging and mammagrophy procedures at the UA Breast Imaging Center.


Radiation Oncology

Gonzales_Victor200909570_005_0.jpgWe provide state-of-the-art breast cancer radiation that specifically and safely targets a patient's cancer.