Phase I Clinical Trials Program

Director:  Daruka Mahadevan, MD, PhD

MissionTo provide compassionate cancer care to patients with novel biologically relevant therapies

The Phase I Program at The University of Arizona Cancer Center was initiated in July 2007. The goal of the Phase I Program is to open early-stage research trials (in most instances, first-in-human), including establishing new relationships with industries, unaffiliated physicians and others to facilitate implementation of the early phase clinical trials into new therapies. We plan to develop a highly interactive collaboration with diverse basic scientists in order to develop biomarkers that may better inform dose and schedule finding in the future. In addition, we rely upon insights from the basic scientists to refine our understanding of mechanism of action and patient selection.

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The Team

Members of the Phase I Team evaluate their patients for potential treatment on clinical trials with careful attention. Members of this program represent different clinical sub specialties and work as a team by discussing together best treatment options for individual patients and the progress of such patients while on study. This activity takes place at bi-monthly Friday afternoon meetings. Also discussed are potential new trials and program progress.


Please contact:

Dr. Daruka Mahadevan's Office: Lora Macias at (520) 626-7866  

Research Nurse: Kathy Schmidt, RN, at (520) 694-9087     

Clinical Research Coordinators (CRC):

    Yrma Burruel, Senior CRC, at (520) 694-9081

    Alisa Powell, Senior CRC, (520) 694-9048