Oncology Social Workers

What is an Oncology Social Worker?

Oncology Social Workers at UACC are all masters degree trained and bring many years of experience and competency to the cancer experience.  You may call and make an appointment with a social worker at 520-694-2873 or request one to meet with you while you are at UACC.

Attend to the needs of the whole person.

  • Explores the many aspects of a person's life contribute to the experience, including a person's ethnicity, spirituality, personality, life experiences, and family situation.
  • At the UACC, our Social Workers provide counseling, facilitate support groups, and refer to community agencies.

Offer advice for conversations with family and friends.

  • An oncology social worker can help them prepare for conversations and cope with the reactions they may receive from parents, children, friends and coworkers.

Facilitate changes in roles and responsibilities.

  • A social worker can arrange a meeting with family members, employers, or other areas of responsibilities the patient holds and talk about how roles and responsibilities might change and how to be supportive.

Serve as a bridge to the medical care team.

  • Equipped with advanced education in cancer treatment and an understanding of how the treatments affect a person with cancer, an oncology social worker acts as a liaison between the person with cancer and the medical team.

Provide access to resources.

  • Finding resources can be daunting for a patient. A social worker can assist in applying for disability benefits, identify financial resources, housing, complete AHCCCS applicatons, or explain rights covered under the Family Medical Leave Act.

Helping with relationship and intimacy issues.

  • An oncology social worker can answer questions about sexuality and intimacy and help partners talk about how to manage physical and emotional changes they may experience because of cancer treatment.

Assisting in the adjustment to life after treatment.

  • Oncology social workers continue to work with individuals through the period of survivorship. Many people find this an ideal time to process the experience with a trained professional, like an oncology social worker. 

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