Jeffrey A Stone, PhD

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Professor, Psychiatry
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Dr. Stone is a professor of Psychology and Psychiatry, and holds appointments in the Marketing Department of the Eller College of Management, and the Arizona Cancer Center, all at the University of Arizona. His research investigates basic psychological processes in two areas related to cancer prevention and control:  (1) Mechanisms of health attitude and behavior change, and (2) The role of implicit prejudice and stereotyping in racial/ethnic health disparities. 

Dr. Stone's research on health attitude and behavior change develops and tests new strategies for cancer prevention.  For example, using the principles of self-persuasion and "hypocrisy," they show that when people advocate a cancer prevention behavior that they personally do not perform on a regular basis, like applying sunscreen, eating more fruits and vegetables, or exercising, they become motivated to “practice what they preach” and take steps toward adopting the target cancer-prevention behaviors.  He has published over 20 papers and book chapters on attitude and behavior change and have been invited to present their work at conferences in the US and Europe.  He collaborates with faculty associated with the Skin Cancer Institute and the Cancer Prevention and Control research program at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. 

Dr. Stone's research on cancer health disparities focuses on implicit bias among healthcare providers.  His funding from NIH is for research examining (1) if implicit stereotyping of Hispanic patients by health professionals (e.g., residents, nursing and medical students) impacts medical decisions and interactions related to cancer prevention (e.g., smoking cessation), and (2) if completing workshops on the psychology of implicit bias can reduce implicit stereotyping of Hispanic patients. He teaches regular classes in the College of Medicine at the University of Arizona about potential causes and solutions to implicit bias among healthcare providers, and he is on the steering committee to develop a health disparities curriculum for the training programs in the college of medicine. 

Dr. Stone has published over 30 papers and book chapters on stereotyping, prejudice, and prejudice reduction, 12 of which document the bias processes that contribute directly to ethnic and racial disparities in health.  He collaborates on health disparities with Cancer Center faculty from a wide variety of units in the health sciences, including Family and Community Medicine, Internal Medicine, the undergraduate and graduate schools of medicine, the College of Nursing, and the Dean's Office for Diversity and Inclusion.

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Cancer Prevention and Control

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Department of Psychology, Princeton University, NJ
Social Psychology, University of California at Santa Cruz, CA
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BA, Psychology with Honors, San Jose State University, CA