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Judith S. Gordon, PhD, is a Professor and Interim Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Arizona. She received her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Oregon, Eugene. Previously Dr. Gordon was a Senior Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute, Eugene.

Dr Gordon’s areas of expertise include public health tobacco cessation interventions delivered in dental and medical settings, self-help tobacco cessation programs,  educational tobacco cessation programs for healthcare practitioners, computer-based tobacco prevention programs, multi-behavioral interventions to address weight, physical activity, and tobacco, and the use of mobile health technologies (e.g., mobile apps) for lifestyle change and medication adherence.

Dr. Gordon has been the Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator on more than 30 NIH-funded behavioral research projects. She has mentored numerous students, medical students, medical residents, junior faculty and mid-career faculty. She has many publications in peer-reviewed journals, and have presented at local, national, and international scientific conferences.

Research Information

Research Program: 
Cancer Prevention and Control
Research Focus: 

1R01HD083354 – Mahabee-Gittens, EM and Gordon, JS (MPI)                                         NIH/NICHD
An Intervention to Reduce Second Hand Smoke Exposure among Pediatric                      08/01/15 - 06/30/20
Emergency Patients
     This study will be the first longitudinal RCT to test whether a cessation intervention delivered in the PED can reduce caregiver smoking and decrease child SHS exposure. Parental smokers who present to the PED with their child will be randomized to either an SBIRT intervention that includes brief cessation counseling and medication or to a healthy habit 5210 attention control condition. Role:  PI

R21-CA184337– Mahabee-Gittens, EM and Gordon, JS (MPI)                                           NIH/NCI
Pediatric Emergency Department Decision Support System to Reduce Secondhand          12/01/14 – 11/30/16
   The goals of this study are to develop and test the feasibility of a clinical decision support system to assist pediatric nurses to conduct regular assessment, advice and referral of all parental smokers of pediatric patients in the emergency and urgent care setting. Role:  PI

R21-CA174639 – Gordon, JS (PI)                                                                                     NIH/NCI
Mobile Application for Guided Imagery to Address Smoking, Diet and PA in Women        01/01/14 – 12/31/16
    The goals of this study are to develop and test the feasibility of a multi-behavioral, imagery-based intervention aimed at decreasing smoking, and increasing healthy diet and physical activity among women smokers, all delivered via a mobile app. Role:  PI

R01-DA033422- Akers, L. (PI)                                                                                         NIH/NCI
Partner Support in Smokeless Tobacco Cessation                                                             07/01/12 – 06/30/17
     The goal of the project is to test the effectiveness of a web-based training and support program for female partners of male smokeless tobacco users.  Role: Co-I

 Completed Support  (Last 3 Years Only)

R01-AA019671 – Andrews, J.A. (PI)                                                                                  NIH/NIAAA    
Intranet-Based Alcohol Prevention Program in Middle School                                           09/25/10 – 06/30/15
     This project aims to develop a computer-based, school-based program to reduce intention and willingness to engage in heavy drinking, and to prevent the onset of heavy drinking among youth.  Role:  Co-I 

R41-CA162502 – Gordon, J.S. (PI)                                                                                    NIH/NCI
Mobile Phone Application to Increase Tobacco Cessation Medication Adherence              05/18/12 – 06/30/13
     The primary goal of this project is to develop and evaluate a prototype mobile health application to improve adherence to tobacco cessation medication. Role:  PI

R01-CA137375 -  Muramoto, M (PI)                                                                                NIH/NCI         
Tobacco Cessation Training for acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic practitioners     07/01/09 – 05/31/14
     The primary goal of the proposed research is to develop and test the effectiveness of a tobacco cessation brief intervention system tailored for three types of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners: acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Medicine, massage, and chiropractic.  Role:  Co-I

R21CA175450 – Muramoto, M. (PI)                                                                                   NIH/NCI
Online Tobacco Cessation Training & Competency Assessment for CAM Practitioners      04/01/13 – 03/31/15
     This project aims to develop and test a web-based tobacco cessation training program for chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists.  Role:  Co-I

R34-DE022293 – Albert, D.A. (PI)                                                                                     NIH/NIDCR
Developing a Decision Support System to Promote Tobacco Counseling by Dentists         09/15/11 – 08/31/13
     This project will utilize input from general practice dentists to develop, refine and pilot test a clinical decision support system - the Dental Tobacco Cessation iPad (DEN-TC), for tobacco cessation within general practice dental offices. Role:  Co-I

Selected Publications: 

Dr. Gordon's NCBI bibliography

  1. Gordon, J.S., Andrews, J.A., Albert, D.A., Crews, K.C., Payne, T.J., & Severson, H.H. (2010). Tobacco cessation via public dental clinics: Results of a randomized trial. Am J Public Health, 100, 1307-1312.
  2. Gordon, J.S., Andrews, J.A., Crews, K.C., Payne, T.J., Severson, H.H., & Lichtenstein, E (2010) Faxed quitline referrals: Do they add value to dental office-based tobacco cessation interventions? Journal of the American Dental Association, 141, 1000-1007.
  3. Andrews J.A., Gordon J.S., Hampson S.H., Gunn B.A., Christiansen SM, &  Slovic P. (2014). Long-term Efficacy of Click City®: Tobacco:  A School Based Tobacco Prevention Program. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 16(1); 33-41.
  4. Mahabee-Gittens E.M., Khoury J.C., Ho M., Stone L., & Gordon J.S. (2015). A Smoking Cessation Intervention for Low Income Smokers in the Emergency Department. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine. May 2. pii: S0735-6757(15)00325-3. doi: 10.1016/j.ajem.2015.04.058.
Collaborative Research: 
Oregon Research Institute, Eugene OR
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati OH
Columbia University School of Dental Medicine, New York NY
University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson MS
InterVision Media, Eugene OR
Deschutes Research Inc., Eugene OR
Jacobi Medical Center, New York NY
Montefiore Medical Center, New York NY
Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center, Jackson MS
University of Colorado, Denver Children’s Hospital, Denver CO
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia PA

Professional Information

Positions and Honors: 
2016 College of Medicine Faculty Mentoring Award
University of Arizona, Spring 2016
Most Influential Women in Arizona - Arizona Business Magazine, Spring 2015
Outstanding Service - Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, Spring 2015
Janet Senf Award for Excellence in Research - University of Arizona Department of Family and Community Medicine, Spring 2012
Health care innovation award, AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange - AHRQ, Spring 2010
Outstanding Service Award - Oregon Research Institute, Spring 2009
Service Award - Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, Spring 2001
Other Experience and Professional Memberships/Affiliations: 
Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
Comprehensive Member, Arizona Cancer Center, Cancer Prevention and Control Program
American Dental Education Association
Society for Behavioral Medicine
Society for Prevention Research

Academic Information

Clinical Psychology, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Master's Degree: 
MS, Clinical Psychology, University of Oregon
Undergraduate School: 
BA, Anthropology, University of Colorado