Lalitha Madhavan, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
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(520) 626-2330
Professional Bio: 

Dr. Madhavan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Neurology, and directs a research program that broadly centers on Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine.  The ultimate goal is to use this research to develop rational therapeutic strategies to tackle aging and age-related neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

Research Information

Research Program: 
Cancer Biology
Selected Publications: 
  1. Madhavan L. Chapter on Neural Stem Cells for Endogenous Repair in Aging and Neural Degeneration. Book Title: “Neural Stem Cells in Health and Disease”, World Scientific Publishing Company, Singapore. Edited by Dr Ashok Shetty. Accepted
  2. Madhavan L, Daley BF, Davidson BL, Boudreau RL, Cole-Strauss A, Lipton JW, Steece-Collier K, Sakaguchi DS and Collier TJ; Sonic hedgehog mediates graft-host cooperation to preserve midbrain dopamine neurons. Under Revision
  3. Paumier K, Siderowf A, Auinger P, Oakes D, Madhavan L, Espay Alberto RF, Collier T; Tricyclic antidepressants delay the need for dopaminergic therapy in early Parkinson's disease: a retrospective cohort study. Mov Disord. 2012 Jun;27(7):880-7. PMID: 22555881
  4. Madhavan L, Daley B, Sortwell C, Collier TJ; Endogenous neural precursors influence grafted neural stem cells and contribute to neuroprotection in the Parkinsonian rat. European Journal of Neuroscience; 2012; 2012 Mar;35(6):883-95. PMID:22417168
  5. Gombash SE, Lipton JW, Collier TJ, Madhavan L, Steece-Collier K, Cole-Strauss A, Terpstra BT, Spieles-Engemann AL, Daley BF, Wohlgenant SL, Thompson VB, Manfredsson FP, Mandel RJ, Sortwell CE; Striatal overexpression of pleiotrophin provides functional and morphological neuroprotection in the 6-hydroxydopamine model of Parkinson's Disease; Molecular Therapy; 2012Mar;20(3):544-54. PMID: 22008908
  6. Kordower J, Hemraj D, Kordower A, Terpstra B, Madhavan L, Paumier K, Sortwell C, Steece-Collier K, Collier T. Transfer of host-derived alpha synuclein to grafted dopaminergic neurons in rat; Neurobiol Dis; 2011 Sep; 43(3):552-7. PMID: 21600984
  7. Spieles-Engemann AL, Behbehani MM, Collier TJ, Wohlgenant SL, Madhavan L, Paumier K, Steece-Collier K, Gombash S, Mandybur GT, Lipton X, Sortwell CE; Deep brain stimulation of the rat subthalamic nucleus is neuroprotective following large scale nigral dopamine neuronal degeneration; Neurobiol Dis; 2010 Jul; 39(1):105-15. PMID: 20307668
  8. Madhavan L, Collier TJ; A synergistic approach for neural repair: cell transplantation and induction of endogenous precursor cell activity; Neuropharmacology; 2010 May; 58 (6):835-44. PMID:19853620
  9. Madhavan L, Paumier KL, Daley BF, Collier TJ; Transplantation of subventricular zone neural precursors induces an endogenous precursor cell response in a rat model of Parkinson's disease; J Comp Neurol; 2009 July 1; 515 (1): 102-15. PMID: 19399899
  10. Madhavan L, Ourednik V, Ourednik J; Neural stem/progenitor cells initiate the formation of cellular networks that provide neuroprotection by growth factor modulated antioxidant expression; Stem Cells; 2008; 26: 254-65. PMID: 17962704
  11. Madhavan L, Ourednik V, Ourednik J; Increased "vigilance" of antioxidant mechanisms in neural stem cells potentiates their capability to resist oxidative stress; Stem Cells; 2006; 24(9):2110-9. PMID: 16728559
  12. Madhavan L, Ourednik V, Ourednik J; Grafted neural stem cells shield the host environment from oxidative stress; Annals New York Academy of Sciences; 2005; 1049: 185-8. PMID: 15965117
  13. Madhavan L, William JF, Vellareddy A, Kanthasamy AG; 5-Hydroxytryptamine 1A receptor activation protects against N-Methyl-D-aspartate-induced apoptotic cell death in striatal and mesencephalic cultures; The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (JPET); 2003; 304(3): 913-923. PMID: 12604665

Academic Information

Neuroscience, Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Medical School: 
Baroda Medical College, Vadodara, India