Paloma Beamer, PhD

Associate Professor, Community, Environment and Policy, College of Public Health
Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute
Associate Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor, American Indian Studies-GIDP
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(520) 626-0006
(520) 626-8009

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Dr. Beamer’s research is in the development of tools that can help provide more robust exposure estimates to improve the demonstration of a relationship between measured environmental concentrations and resulting health effects, as well as aid in the design of intervention strategies, particularly among vulnerable populations. She utilizes field sampling, GIS, and exposure simulation modeling in her research. She has expertise and experience in collection of multi-media samples for metals, pesticides and VOCs with minority and rural populations.  

Dr. Beamer has taught courses on exposure assessment and occupational control strategies to engineering and industrial hygiene students for more than 10 years. She has served as PI on three exposure assessment projects targeting Latino populations, where she was responsible for overseeing research staff, recruitment and data collection with community health workers, development of field sampling methods, questionnaires and human subject protocols, and all data analysis.

Since coming to the University of Arizona (UA) in 2007, she has been teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students involved in her research. She has been the primary advisor for seven MPH students, four MS students and five PhD students. The PhD students that she mentored have won several intramural and extramural awards for their research. She has also served on an additional nineteen graduate research committees, and helped plan and launch the MS and PhD programs in Environmental Health Sciences at UA, which enrolled its first students in fall of 2010. 

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Cancer Prevention and Control
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