Raymond K Kostuk, PhD

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor, Optical Sciences
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(520) 621-6172
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Dr. Kostuk's research interests are in the development of new optical techniques and instruments for use in the detection and prevention of cancer. He has expertise in optical and electro-optical system design and implementation. His specialty is in holographic components, materials, and system applications. His laboratory has capability and competency in optical and hologram simulation and modeling methods, holographic material preparation, optical system evaluation, optical characterization, image analysis, and instrumentation control software, and data acquisition and manipulation. They also work with Dr. Jennifer Barton and Dr. Ken Hatch on animal and human tissue imaging.

Dr. Kostuk's current area of research is on volume holographic imaging (VHI) instruments for visualizing sub surface tissue features that indicate the presence of cancer. The system does not require electronic or mechanical scanning and can lead to low cost instruments and widespread clinical use. The system can operate in both reflectance and fluorescence modes. Accomplishments include design and fabrication of bench top and laparoscopic VHI systems. An ex-vivo study was completed with the bench top system and the laparoscopic version was used in two in-vivo surgical procedures. This project includes co-investigators from other departments at the UA and universities. They are also in negotiations with outside venture groups to pursue commercialization.

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Cancer Imaging
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Raymond Kostuk has a primary goal to investigate photonic techniques that enhance the capabilities of imaging, communication, sensing, and light collection and concentrator systems. His research includes fundamental and applied studies of photonic materials and devices, as well as system concepts that are based on photonics.

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Stanford University
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University of Rochester
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U.S. Coast Guard Academy