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Dr. Ronald S. Weinstein was born in Schenectady, New York, and received his B.S. Degree from Union College (Schenectady, New York) in 1960. He attended Albany Medical College from 1960 to 1962 and received his M.D. degree from Tufts University School of Medicine in 1965. He became interested in basic research in medical school and developed an independent research program while a medical student. After his second year, he was awarded a research fellowship under Dr. Stanley Bullivant at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Dr. Weinstein completed his internship and residency (under Dr. Benjamin Castleman) at the MGH and was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard Medical School. At the conclusion of his internship year, in 1966, he successfully competed for his first of many NIH grants, and was named Director of the Mixter Laboratory (at age 27), a position he held throughout his residency. Thus, he had dual roles as a pathology resident and a laboratory director. At the time, he was the youngest M.D.- NIH funded researcher at the Massachusetts General Hospital. His laboratory did pioneering research on the localization of Band 3 protein, the anion transporter, in red cell membranes and on the molecular structure of gap junctions and on their role in cancer.

Dr. Weinstein spent two years as a Major in the U.S. Air Force assigned to the Aerospace Research Laboratories at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. He carried out research in environmental toxicology and studied Heinz body anemias and oxidative injury in the liver. Following three years as Associate Professor at Tufts, he was named Harriet Blair Borland Chairman and Professor of Pathology at Rush Medical College in Chicago, Illinois, in 1975 and held that position for 15 years. He was named Head of Pathology at the University of Arizona in 1990 and stepped down last June, completing 32 years as an academic department head.

Dr. Weinstein has made significant contributions in research, service, and education. In the research arena, Dr. Weinstein made contributions in the fields of experimental pathology and human bladder cancer and, more recently, in the fields of telemedicine and telepathology. While at Rush Medical College, in Chicago, Dr. Weinstein served as Director of the Central Pathology Laboratory of the NIH-funded National Bladder Cancer Group, the largest clinical trail group in the field. He organized the National Urinary Bladder Flow Cytometry Network in 1985 and played a central role in bringing flow cytometry into routine clinical practice. He was recognized for these accomplishments when he was elected President of the International Society for Urological Pathology and received that organization’s Distinguished Service Award.

Dr. Weinstein is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of telepathology and has created major academic programs in this emerging area. Dr. Weinstein is often cited as the "father of telepathology". He authored the first paper on telepathology, in 1986, and invented robotic telepathology, for which he was awarded several US Patents. Dr. Weinstein established a vision physiology laboratory in Chicago in 1985 and carried out what are now considered classic studies on pathology diagnostic accuracy using video imaging. His early work is the intellectual underpinning of the telepathology field. Dr. Weinstein carried out the first successful test-of-concept demonstrations of robotic telepathology and collaborated on important clinical validation studies. Since the mid-1980’s, Dr. Weinstein and his colleagues have produced a steady stream of basic and clinical research papers on telepathology and studied many aspects of diagnostic imaging ranging from studies on human factors in imaging to practice models for telehealthcare services delivery. He also has co-authored three books in the telepathology and medical informatics field.

Dr. Weinstein’s work in telepathology forms the basis for telepathology programs in over 35 countries. These programs provide diagnostic services for tens of thousand of patients world-wide. Dr. Weinstein frequently lectures on the topic. For example, he has given invited lectures at international symposia in seven countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Dr. Weinstein has worked on developing international standards and platforms for telepathology and has been a consultant to the European Union, the World Health Organization, and the Japanese and Panamanian Governments. He also promoted international telepathology for third world nations as President of the International Council of the Societies of Pathology, a World Health Organization-sponsored Council that coordinates the activities of pathology societies in 46 countries. More recently, Dr. Weinstein co-invented the array microscope which serves as the digital imaging engine for the first ultra-rapid virtual slide scanner and has been awarded fundamental patents for this invention. Dr. Weinstein is the first of five co-inventors listed on the fundamental patent for the array microscope. The invention has been recognized as a break through technology by the Wall Street Journal. Recently, his clinical research group developed a new model for breast care, based in part on the array microscope, successfully bundling teleradiology, telepathology and teleoncology services into a single day expedited breast service (IBM Systems Journal 46: 69-84, 2007). Over 6,000 women in rural Arizona have benefited from same day breast mammography diagnostic services, which is revolutionary in women’s health care.

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Bladder Cancer
Breast Cancer

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Collaborative Research: 
1983-1988 Member, Executive Committee, National Bladder Cancer Group
1983-1988 Director, Central Pathology Laboratory, National Bladder Cancer Group 1984-1988 Principal Investigator, Urinary Bladder Cancer Flow Cytometry Network,
1983-1984 Member, Program Committee, National Bladder Cancer Project Annual Workshop, National Cancer Institute
1982 Member, Program Committee, Second National Conference on Bladder Cancer
1981-1990 Consultant, Heart and Lung Institute, National Institutes of Health
1981-1983 Consultant, Urinary Bladder Subcommittee, National Institute of Health
1980-1990 Consultant, Illinois Cancer Council, Clinical Trials Committee
1978-1983 Member, Medical Advisory Board, Leukemia Research Foundation
1978-1980 Member, Bladder and Prostatic Cancer Review Committee, National Cancer Institute (Study Section)
1977-1980 Pathologist, National Bladder Cancer Collaborative Group A, National Cancer Institute
1977-1980 Member, Program Committee, National Bladder Cancer Project Annual Workshops, National Cancer Institute
1976-1979 Member, Executive Committee, Rush Cancer Center
1976-1979 Member, Executive Committee, Rush Cancer Center
1975‚-1977 Member, Working Cadre (Study Section), National Bladder Cancer Project, National Cancer Institute
1974-1975 Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Tufts Cancer Center
1974-1975 Member, Executive Committee, Tufts Cancer Center
National Cancer Institute
2005-Present Total Cancer Care (TCC) External Advisory Board, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Tampa FL
1993-1996 Chairman, Program Committee, International Society for Urologic Pathology
1991-1995 Member, Urologic Committee, Southwest Oncology Group
1991-1994 Members, Black/White Bladder and Prostate Cancer Survival Group, National Cancer Institute
1990- Member, Genitourinary Tumor Biology Committee, Southwest Oncology Group
1987‚-1989 Chairman, Clinical Resources Committee, Bladder Cancer Working Group, National Cancer Institute
1986-1989 Member, Bladder Cancer Working Group, Organ Systems Program, National Cancer Institute
1985-1986 Member, Bladder Expert Panel, College of American Pathologists

Professional Information

Positions and Honors: 
2013       Hall of Fame, US Distance Learning Association
2011       Senior Fellow, Association of Pathology Chairs
2010       Nott Medal-Union College
2010       Lifetime Achievement Award-Assoication of Pathology Informatics
2010       Emeritus Presidency of the American Telemedicine Association
2010       Distinguished Service Award ArMA
2010       Arizona Capitol Times Leaders of the Year
2002, 2007 Faculty Marshall at Graduation, Arizona College of Medicine
1998       Outstanding Teacher in the Basic Sciences, University of Arizona   College of Medicine (Elected to hood Senior Class at graduation)
1997       Outstanding Teacher in the Basic Sciences, University of Arizona   College of Medicine (Elected to hood Senior Class at graduation)
1997       Basic Science Educator-of-the Year, Lifetime Award, University of Arizona College of Medicine
1996       Outstanding Teacher in the Basic Sciences, University of Arizona   College of Medicine (Elected to hood Senior Class at graduation)
1996       Basic Science Educator-of-the-Year, Univ. of Arizona College of Medicine
1995       Furrow Award for Excellence in Innovations in Teaching, Univ. of Arizona  College of Medicine
1995       Basic Science Educator-of-the-Year, Univ. of Arizona College of Medicine
1994       Basic Science Educator-of-the-Year, Univ. of Arizona College of Medicine
1988       James A. Campbell, M.D., Alumni Service Award, Rush Medical College
Other Experience and Professional Memberships/Affiliations: 

2010-2011 President, Association of Pathology Informatics
2003-2004 President, American Telemedicine Association
1998-1999 President, International Council of Societies of Pathology
1995-1997 President, International Society for Urological Pathology
1988-1989 President, United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology
1981-1982 President, Chicago Pathology Society
2001-2002 Vice-President, American Telemedicine Association
2000-2001 Vice-President, Association for Pathology Informatics
2000-2001 Secretary, American Telemedicine Association
1998-2000 Vice-President, Association of Pathology Chairs
1990-1991 Secretary-Treasurer, Association of Pathology Chairs
1998    International Society for Telemedicine
1995    American Telemedicine Association
1995    American Association for Cancer Research
1994    Arthur Purdy Stout Society
1992    International Academy for Telemedicine
1992    American Society for Investigative Pathology
1991    Tucson Society of Pathologists
1991    International Society for Urologic Pathology
1991    Arizona Society of Pathologists
1989    Society for Basic Urological Research
1986    College of American Pathologists
1979    Red Cell Club
1975    Chicago Pathology Society
1975    Association of Pathology Chairmen
1974    International Academy of Pathology
1974    American Association of Pathology
1962    American Society for Cell Biology
2006-   Editorial Board, Human Pathology
1999-   Editorial Board, Telemedicine Journal and e-Health
1997- 2005      Associate Editor, Human Pathology
1992-1996 Editor-in-Chief, Advances in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
1990‚ 2000 Editorial Board, Journal of Urogenital Pathology
1989‚ 2002 Editorial Board, Journal of Pathology
1986‚ 1991 Editorial Board, Surgical Pathology
1985‚ 1991 Associate Editor, Advances in Pathology
1984‚ 2008 Editorial Board, Laboratory Investigation
1983‚ 1992 Associate Editor, Human Pathology
1981‚ 2004 Editorial Board, Human Pathology
1980‚ 1986 Editorial Board, Journal of Ultrastructure Research
1979‚ 1990 Consulting Editor, Ultrastructural Pathology

Board Certifications & Licenses: 
2008: President’s Leadership Award, American Telemedicine Association
2008: Leading Edge Innovator Award, University of Arizona
2006: Bioscience Start-up Company of the Year, Arizona BioIndustry Association (to DMetrix, Inc.)
2005: Wall Street Journal International Innovation Competition, Runner-up (to DMetrix)
2003: Leopold Koss Medal, International Society of Urologic Pathology
2002: Excellence in Distance Education for a Telemedicine Program, US Distance Learning Association (to the Arizona Telemedicine Program)
2001: President’s Award, American Telemedicine Association (to the Arizona Telemedicine Program)
1998: Outstanding Individual Achievement in Telemedicine Award, National TeleCon XVIII Conference
1998: Manuscript-of- the-Year Award (co-author), Telemedicine Journal
1998: F.K. Mostofi Distinguished Service Award, International Society for Urologic Pathology
1989: Outstanding Service Award, US and Canadian Academy of Pathology
1986: Fellow, College of American Pathologists
1981-83: International Councilor, International Academy of Pathology
1975-90: Harriet Blair Borland Professorship, Rush Medical College
1972: Diplomat, American Board of Pathologists

Academic Information

Massachusetts, General Hospital, Boston
Massachusetts, General Hospital, Boston
Medical School: 
Tufts University, School of Medicine
Undergraduate School: 
Union College B.S.