Rongguang Liang, PhD

Professor, Optical Sciences

Phone Number: 
(520) 621-4995
Professional Bio: 

Dr. Liang is a Professor of Optical Science. His research focuses on biomedical optical imaging is to develop new optical technologies/instrumentation for biomedical research and clinical applications. He has a broad background in biomedical imaging and optical design.

At Motic, Dr. Liang designed optical systems for several commercially successful microscopes. As a principal research scientist Eastman Kodak Company, his research areas covered medical imaging, digital imaging, and display. As a senior principal research scientist at Carestream Health Inc., Dr. Liang laid the groundwork for the biomedical optical research in the company. He proposed four research projects on biomedical optical imaging, and led three of them. Two of the projects have been successfully commercialized worldwide. He has also generated 45 patents during his 10 year research career in industries.

Dr. Liang is the author of the book Optical Design for Biomedical Imaging (SPIE 2011) and the is editor of the book Biomedical Imaging Techniques: Design and Applications (Springer 2012). He has chaired a number of conferences on design of biomedical technologies.

Research Information

Research Program: 
Cancer Imaging
College of Optical Sciences
Research Focus: 

The research in AOL specializes in optical engineering and biomedical optical imaging. In the field of optical engineering we focus on:

  • optical system development
  • freeform optics: design fabrication, and testing
  • optical metrology and 3D imaging
  • computational imaging
  • advanced imaging technologies

In biomedical optical imaging, we concentrate on:

  • novel optical imaging techniques and devices for clinical applications
  • advanced biomedical optical imaging techniques and device for biomedical research

The applied research in AOL provides the hands-on opportunities to develop problem solving skills in developing novel optical solutions, including concept generation, system design, lens design, optics fabrication, testing, and system evaluation.

Selected Publications: 

Academic Information

University of Arizona
Master's Degree: 
MS, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Undergraduate School: 
BS, Zhejiang University (China)