Yves A Lussier, MD, FACMI

Associate Director, Bio5 Informatics
Professor, Medicine - (Tenure Track)
Associate Vice President / Chief Knowledge Officer, UA - Health Sciences Center
Associate Director, Cancer Informatics / Precision Health - UA Cancer Center
Professor, Statistics-GIDP
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(520) 626-0245
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Dr. Lussier has extensive experience in advising and leading computational oncology and informatics research and service groups. He established the first university-wide biomedical informatics core services at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at the University of Arizona.

Dr. Lussier is currently the chair of the National Library of Medicine Extramural Grant Review (NIH BLIRC 2014) and is the co-founder of two international conferences in translational bioinformatics (the AMIA Summit on Translational Bioinformatics and The Translational Bioinformatics Conference). He has contributed and is servicing on about thirty board of directors, as well as scientific and editorial boards inclusive of pharmaceuticals, journals, information technology startups and large corporations.

Dr. Lussier is currently the Associate Director of Cancer Informatics and Health Precision Medicine at the University of Arizona Cancer Center.

Directing services in clinical research informatics (CRI) and translational bioinformatics (TBI), Dr. Lussier has previously conceived, directed, hired, and managed the first TBI and CRI service cores of three NIH-funded grants and their renewal: (i) The Institute for Translational Medicine of the University of Chicago (CTSA 5UL1RR024999, Informatics Core Director jointly with JS, 2006-11), (ii) Assoc. Director for the U of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center (5UL1RR024999; 2006-11), and (iii) the Director of the Informatics Core of the Northeast Biodefense Center at Columbia University (5U54AI057158, 2003-6).

Dr. Lussier's translational bioinformatics expertise includes his research group which has produced over 145 scientific papers and he has presented at 14 conference keynote addresses.  He has mentored or co-mentored 22 PhD candidates and 21 post-doctoral fellows, of which five obtained K-awards and two are Directors for Biomedical Informatics Departments and/or Institutes in their respective institutions (Drs. Philip Payne at Ohio State University and Neil Sarkar at Brown University).

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Therapeutic Development
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College of Surgeons & Physicians, Columbia University
University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
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University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
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University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada