Mission and Goals

Cancer Health Disparities Program (CHDP) Mission

To reduce cancer disparities throughout the continuum of disease initiation, progression, and treatment.

The identification and evaluation of solutions to decrease barriers for screening and early detection is the unifying theme for the Program. The overall goal is to test efficacy and cost-effectiveness of interventions to increase cancer screening and to decrease the interval between report of abnormal screening test, diagnosis, and onset of treatment.

As CHDI is housed within the Arizona Cancer Center, it is crucial that we are all fighting for the same cause. The Arizona Cancer Center's mission "to prevent and cure cancer" is the commitment to serve the medically underserved communities of our state. As a testament to this mission, the Arizona Cancer Center received approval in 2008 from the University of Arizona president, provost and the Arizona Board of Regents for the foundation of the CHDI. 


Research Goals

  • To bring together a team of investigators engaged in peer-reviewed collaborative research focused on cancer health disparities.
  • To integrate research on cancer disparities into existing and future UACC research programs through inter-disciplinary collaborations.
  • To increase minority recruitment into research studies.

Community Education & Outreach Goals

  • To establish a sustainable relationship with the communities served.
  • To assure access to the communities we serve of cutting edge cancer research appropriate to their needs.

Education and Training Goals

CHDI creates educational programs to train underserved students/faculty and assists those who are committed to conducting research in underserved populations. CHDI also partners with existing projects and programs whose goals are in education and training of minority students and faculty. These goals for education and training come at a pivotal time in both our society and research.