Prostate Cancer Research

The Prostate Cancer Group at UACC is a cross-disciplinary center of excellence for basic and translational prostate cancer research. A multi-disciplinary team involving basic, translational, and clinical researchers work together collaboratively and synergistically to address three major clinical problems in cancer research


While prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men, it is only lethal in 10-15% of the cases.  However, accurately determining which patient has potentially lethal disease remains difficult.  Thus, our program is actively investigating better early detection methods and identifying biomarkers that have better predictive power.


For patients who do have lethal prostate cancer, over 80% develop metastatic bone disease. The mechanisms that drive metastasis, why the bone is so favored, and the factors in the bone microenvironment that drive lethal prostate cancer are still unsolved.  Our program is actively engaged in defining the factors in the bone microenvironment that favor and promote prostate cancer bone metastasis and growth with the goal of identifying new therapeutic targets to prevent and cure metastatic disease.

Drug Resistance

Almost all prostate cancer patients with metastatic disease will develop resistance to current standard anti-androgen, radiation, and chemotherapeutic drugs. There is an urgent need to identify the mechanisms of resistance and develop new drugs to overcome resistance. Our program is highly focused on identifying the resistance mechanisms that arise due to the bone microenvironment and developing new therapies to both prevent the emergence of resistance

Team Members:

Cindy Miranti, PhD - Team Leader

Josef Vagner, PhD

Andrew Kraft, MD

Laurence Hurley, PhD

Anne Cress, PhD

Thomas Doetschman, PhD

Noel Warfel, PhD

William Montfort, PhD

Greg Rogers, PhD

Donna Zhang, PhD

Eric Weterings, PhD

Bruce Seligmann, PhD

Ghassan Mouneimne, PhD

Andrew Paek, PhD

Yitshak Zohar, PhD

Casey Romanoski, PhD

Ron Heimark, PhD

Diego Martin, MD, PhD

Frederick Ahmann, MD

Amanda Baker, PhD

Amit Algotar, MD, PhD

Hani Babiker, MD

Jue Wang, MD

Julie Bauman, MD, PhD

Benjamin Lee, MD

Nathan Ellis, PhD

Daruka Mahadevan, MD, PhD

Janet Funk, PhD

Todd Vanderah, PhD

Bernard Futscher, PhD


Cindy Miranti, PhD, Professor
Prostate Cancer Research Program, Leader