Bioluminescence and Fluorescence Imaging

Largo XThe Spectral Instruments Imaging Lago X provides powerful multi-modality imaging capabilities in an advanced, user-friendly system.  The turn-key system offers bioluminescence, fluorescence, and x-ray imaging. The high performance 2048x2048 air-cooled CCD camera provides high sensitivity with low background noise for accurate quantitative analysis. The Lago X has 14 excitation wavelengths ranging from 360-805 nm and 20 emission filters ranging from 490-870 nm.  The system has a field-of-view ranging from 6x6 cm up to 25x25 cm. These dynamic filter combinations can support a wide range of applications ranging from well-plate imaging to small animal imaging. Bioluminescence imaging of reporter genes such as luciferase and green fluorescent protein are easily accomplished with this scanner, and imaging of exogenous fluorescent agents can also be performed.  The Lago X incorporates a heated imaging platform and built-in isoflurane gas anesthesia.

Location:  Translational Bioimaing Resource, BSRL Basement, Room30A.

Fees for UofA Researchers:  $20/hr for system use.  Additional $30/hr for training and/or assistance.

Schedule Time:  Visit the iLab calendar

Contact:  Facility Manager - Brenda Baggett

Luciferase imaging in the Lago X X-ray imaging in the Lago X